Klepto Kitties

Could it be that cats have been around humans for a bit too long? Okay, stealing food–sure. But pizza? French fries? Bread, cake, cookies… These are not cat things to eat, are they?

My cat Henry used to try to steal the little baserunners off my Strat-O-Matic baseball game board whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. And those weren’t even edible!

4 comments on “Klepto Kitties

  1. Hilarious! Seems that a lot of cats have a fondness for pizza, and who can blame them? 🙂 One of my cats loved corn – on the cob, frozen, canned – however he could get it. He put on quite a display coaxing me to hand it over lol

  2. I think cats just enjoy putting one over on their humans. As affectionate as my little one is, she still loves to play head games with me whenever possible.

  3. I once had a large Persian cat, Pooh, who would eat anything that didn’t eat him first. He once ran off with a corn-on-the-cob in his mouth, and another time he did the same with a whole eye round roast. (Will you think ill of me when I tell you that I rescued the roast, rinsed it off, and ate it anyway?) And whenever my mother’s Abyssinian cat was visiting and the two were eating side by side, Pooh would stick out his paw and grab the food right out from under the other cat’s mouth.

    Pooh liked to eat with his hands — I mean paws — anyway. One evening, I was eating my dinner, pasta with a rich, meaty tomato sauce, when the phone rang. I jumped up to answer it, told the friend who’d called me that I’d call her back, went back to the table … to find Pooh sitting in my chair, eating spaghetti out of my dish with his paw and between mouthfuls wiping his paw on my white-and-black tablecloth. We proceeded to have a race around the table, with me threatening all kinds of punishment, until he ducked under the tablecloth, came up on the other side, and gave me one of those “CUTE” looks, the “who, me? how can you blame anything on someone so adorable and innocent-looking?” look. So of course I dissolved in laughter and sat down to finish what was left of my supper while trying to remember how to get tomato sauce out of white cotton.

    That cat was NOT spoiled. Oh, no.

    1. You’re a good mommy, Phoebe 🙂 Cats rule! – at least in kitty households.

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