Cats and Toasters

What is it with these people, letting their cats up on the counter with the toaster and the microwave, etc.? Like, even when there’s food preparation going on up there! Really, nothing bipeds do makes any sense.

4 comments on “Cats and Toasters

  1. Are these people all there? Do they not realize they’re putting their cats in danger of being burned – or possibly electric shock? One even had a knife on the counter. Honestly.

    1. Some people will do anything to get on youtube. Sorry, it was my bad. I generally try to avoid using videos in which the cats have been set up by human beings. But I erred this time.

    2. Please don’t apologize, Lee. You’re certainly not responsible for what idiots do. And it’s actually a good reminder that there really are irresponsible idiots whose care these poor animals wind up in. What some won’t do for their own amusement.

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