Fun Cats (and Prayer Request)

Whether it’s playing ping-pong, playing catch, or even playing chicken, cats know how to get into the spirit of it.

And please, everybody, pray for my cat, Robbie: who seemed to be improving last night, but today hasn’t been able to eat. She was checked out by the vet a couple of weeks ago, blood work and all, and pronounced okay except for her hyperthyroid condition. We applied the medicine and she started showing improvement. Then the hairballs started a few days ago, and these past two days, she hasn’t eaten. Her vet appointment is next week.

Anyway, we’re kind of upset around here and we really need your prayers. This poor cat! First it was the asthma, for years, and now this. Please, Lord, grant that she be able to eat–and keep it down–tomorrow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

5 comments on “Fun Cats (and Prayer Request)

  1. Dear Father in heaven, we again petition you on behalf of this precious
    little pet. I have seen you answer prayers for animals before, and I know
    You care for them. We need a touch from your powerful hand just now,
    in the name of Jesus, amen.

  2. There are hairball remedies available. It could be that hairballs are no longer being passed through the alimentary canal because the methimazole has slowed down her digestion. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s related to the meds. I’d call and ask about suspending the medication until her next vet visit.

    Great video, BTW. Cats are an unending source of amusement and mirth.

  3. Oh, poor Robbie — and poor Lee and Patty. I continue to pray. May the Lord send comfort and healing.

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