This Will Give You the Willies

Boy, some cats can sleep through anything!

Sorry if I creep you out, but this video fascinates me. What do the ants propose to do with this cat? And what will they have to do to wake him up? I mean, if it were you instead of this cat (presuming you don’t mind grabbing 40 winks on the sidewalk), would this not freak you out?

13 comments on “This Will Give You the Willies

    1. I wondered the same thing, but either way, since the language was censored already, I thought I’d share it anyway. It’s worth a chuckle 🙂

    2. It reminds of one one very foggy day when Patty and I were fishing, in our rowboat, on Barnegat Bay. We heard voices: it was the Coast Guard training vessel. Sound carries very well over water on a day like that, and this is what we heard.

      “I said starboard. That’s port!”

      “No it isn’t! This is port.”

      “Are you sure? I thought port was that way…”

      Don’t you feel safer already?

    3. Thankfully they were training. I do hope they learned the difference 🙂 but that certainly would be unnerving!

    4. Amusingly enough, I’ve always had trouble responding instantaneously to “left” and “right” — but I have no trouble at all with port and starboard. And I was in the Air Force, not the Navy or Coast Guard. Maybe those Coast Guard people and I should have traded places. 🙂

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