Well, I’m Back

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They gave Robbie an injection to subdue her nausea, and hopefully she will start eating again. She has lost another pound, which she can ill afford to lose. More blood work, more diagnostics to come. And of course, now that Robbie and I are home, Peep is being a total hissing, growling idiot.

I almost got lost on my way there, because once again they’ve changed the scenery. This time, at the corner where I make a turn, they’ve torn down and erased some big, gracious, country-style homes that had been there all my life and replaced them with shallapas that look just like all the other shallapas: I don’t know how they get them built so fast.

I am so tired of them always changing the scenery. It’s never replaced by something nicer. Could we have the uniquely beautiful houses back, please, and get rid of the cookie-cutter houses?

Please pray for our poor cat to come out of this in one piece. In Jesus’ name, amen.

3 comments on “Well, I’m Back

  1. Hopefully they’ll soon come up with a solution to poor Robbie’s problem. Meanwhile, may I suggest a solution to Peep’s hissy fit? Since you and Robbie smell like the vet’s office, take an article of clothing that you’ve worn – even if you have to take it out of the hamper – and rub it gently on Robbie. Repeat the process for yourself, except change into something you’ve worn for a little while. Put the offending clothing immediately into the hamper. Voila! No more vet smell.

  2. I was thinking something along the same lines, Linda. The smell of dogs, etc. can really set some cats off. My cat always sniffs the edge of the screen door when we go out, because I’m sure the dog rubbed against it
    last time he went through.
    Praying for little Robbie.

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