Now we Got to Hate! Spidor Man!

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I awlyays loved Spidor Man butt now i hat him “and” i was wrong Wrong WRONGG! fore liking him! and so are yiu!

Its “a ” goood thing i reeded a blog or somthing “abote” this hear New Spidor Man Moovie ( it suposed “to” bee Diverse but gess what?? Iff it going to be Diverse than How Come Spidor Man he is stil White??? Evryboddy thay knows That yiu cant has no Diversity with no White Peple in it!!!

And than I thinked “of” somthing Else! How Come Spidor Man he “is” stil a Man??? Huh? Huh?? when evryboddy thay aslo knows he shuld “ouhght to” be A Wimmin! in fackt he “shuld” ouhght to Be A Wimmin Of Collor!!! and aslo probly a Musslim tooo!

I am so Gladd i been pluggged “in” to this It has opaned my iyes!! and if yiu trying to say But “Joe” yiu are a White Peple tooo! wel “that” is jist whatt we cal a Micro Gresion becose i amb reely “a” Musslim Wimmin of Coler traped “in” a White Peple boddy!! Like Mikle More he sayed “We Are al Musslims!!!

The strogle for Truue Reel Diversity “it” jist gose On and “on”!! it “is” A reel strogle for Socile Jutstus!!

7 comments on “Now we Got to Hate! Spidor Man!

  1. Joe, maybe you’re just upset because the movie wasn’t about Moth Man – or maybe your antenners got crossed.

  2. I’m surprised at Joe Collidge for not being outraged at Spidor Man’s being cisgender at all. Why only the binaries of men and wimmin? Tsk. Joe needs some more edumacation in these things.

    1. Cisgender is identifying with the gender “assigned” to you at birth. (I would call it “normal” myself, but that would be a hate crime.)

    2. They are good at making up words to create a false narrative. Words like sexual orientation and homophobe didn’t exist until they started using them. The problem is when we adopt their terminology, we’ve already lost. Control the vocabulary and you control the argument.

    3. What else have they got to do but make up silly words? It’s not like being a Gender Studies professor is a real job or anything.

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