Robbie Update

robbie picture

Robbie’s famous portrait for the Old Farmer’s Almanac

All right, we got the dreaded vet call this afternoon. It wasn’t as terrible as I’d feared. Robbie’s thyroid numbers are still sky-high and we must increase the dosage of her medicine, which I pray won’t make her sick and stop her from eating. The good news is that the number is down significantly. The bad news is, it’s still way too high.

Last night and throughout this day, she’s been eating normally, with a hearty and healthy appetite–making up for lost time: she’d gone three days without eating–taking nice naps, and occasionally attacking her sister for no reason. That’s normal for them.

And so tomorrow she gets a stronger ear gel dose, which still has to be better than the asthma medicine I had to squirt up her nose for several years. This poor cat has really had her share of tough sledding–so please, friends, keep those prayers coming, and we thank you for them.

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  1. Praise Our Merciful God! That’s good news, considering the whole host of ailments cats can be subject to, and it’s hopefully a relatively simple thing to regulate the dosage – even if it’s by trial and error for a little while. Prayers continue.

  2. At least there’s an explanation for everything. Because you have more than one animal, the ear gel is probably the way to go. Because I only have one pet, I can just embed tablets in diminutive cubes of delicatessen chicken and leave them in her bowl.

    When I buy it in bulk, I cut it into strips and freeze the lot of it, thawing it as I use it. Today I spent $14 on a fresh supply of deli chicken, which should hold us through well into September or possibly October.

    1. Mine used to like to have his head and chin scratched, and would swim around vigorously, eyes riveted on Henry the cat, hoping that Henry would somehow feed him. I don’t think Henry got the message.

    2. That’s quite a mental picture. I guess that from a turtle’s perspective, a cat was sufficiently human-like to bring food.

    3. Our little Alvin, the opera star turtle, loved hamburger and would stretch out his little neck and run up the ramp in his little habitat as soon as he saw one of us with some for him. He was so gentle taking it from our finger too 🙂 He really was an adorable little guy. We called him Alvin, but we really had no idea if he was a boy or a girl. I don’ think it mattered to him, and it sure didn’t to us.

  3. Thanks be to God that Robbie is eating again and being mischievous again, and that her numbers are down (even if still too high). She’s a lovely cat. How old is she now and how old was she when the picture was taken?

    1. Our little girls are 11 now, and I think that picture was taken in 2007 or 2008.
      She and Peep got a nice piece of Daddy’s supper tonight–broiled catfish.

    2. I’m sure they both really enjoyed that! What a nice daddy 🙂

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