Memory Lane: ‘The Vikings’

This movie was a huge hit when it came out in 1958. All over my neighborhood there were skinny little kids running around with sticks and yelling “Odin!”

We all would have loved to try this Viking oar-walking stunt, but we didn’t have enough oars for it. That’s Kirk Douglas himself doing it in the movie, so how hard could it be?

(Editor’s note: I’m posting the happy stuff now, before we get the report on Robbie’s blood work from yesterday. She ate normally last night and this morning, but you never know what dreadful thing diagnostics might uncover.)

6 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘The Vikings’

    1. It must be admitted there were a few fanciful touches in that movie.

      Imagine my surprise, many years later, when I started reading “Ragnar Lodbrok’s Saga” and suddenly realized, “Hey! This is ‘The Vikings’!”

    2. I wonder what those time truly were like. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to sail great distances in what was, essentially, a giant rowboat.

  1. Can you just imagine living in a little coastal village back then? Hard life, but much simpler I’ll bet.

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