Return of the Klepto-Kats

Forsooth, this is just too much!  Cats stealing snacks–well, you expect that. But DVDs? And laundry? What does the cat want with the laundry? And money! Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Those first two, by the way, look just like our two wonderful cats from years ago, Buster and Missie. Only there’s no way my little girl Missie would’ve just sat there and let her brother swipe her snacks.

And then there’s the gavone who stands there filming while the cat climbs around all the food in the refrigerator…

2 comments on “Return of the Klepto-Kats

  1. This must stem from their hunting instincts. They seem to take pleasure in stealth and putting one over on their humans and other pets in the house.

    I’ve spent the last half hour, or so, searching in vain for the identity of the music in that video. My first guesstimate was George Benson, but I’m not all that certain. I looked into Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith but couldn’t find the tune. Any music fans out there with firsthand knowledge of that tune?

  2. I had a klepto-kat. Alvin. He used to steal my daughter’s pen and he and his brother, Simon, would bat it back and forth under doors to each other. (Yes, I had a Theodore too) 🙂

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