Robbie’s Doing Better

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I would’ve thought doubling the dose of her medicine would have made her even sicker–just goes to show you what I know.

Our poor little bag of bones is now eating heartily–I pray she’ll put some weight back on–and yesterday unloaded a fine big poo. Not to gross you out, but it had been some days since she’d pooed at all, and we were getting a bit concerned about it. She must’ve been happy: she ran all around the living room when she was done.

As of now, she’s not acting like a sick cat. I think God has heard our prayers for her: thank you, Father. Thank you.

12 comments on “Robbie’s Doing Better

  1. This is most excellent news! Prayers answered. We’ll continue to ask for improvement as she returns to her normal weight and personality. And for you and Patty to shed any residual anxiety. God is faithful!

  2. The recovery, once you have the meds, is astounding to watch. My little cat was skin and bones, passing copious amounts of water and undigested food. This has improved significantly in the last few months, although the vet say she will always be drinking and passing a lot of liquids.

    1. When it happened to my cat, I was astounded by the speed at which these changes occurred. I remember thinking that she was getting too heavy, last fall, but by spring she was all but wasting away. So far, so good. I give her her pills daily and she seems to be doing fine.

  3. Thanks be to God! I’ll continue praying for Robbie and all her family (including you and Patty, of course).

  4. We have so much to be thankful for. I praise Him for His loving care and
    mighty power to care for our every need, and some wants, too. Prayers

  5. And now may I ask prayers for my own cat, Iggy? He’s been sick since yesterday morning, and now that he’s in his teens, I can’t help worrying more than when he was younger. I even stayed home from church this morning (I usually open up the church at 5am and then stay for 7am Mass) so I could monitor him — and also clean up after him if he throws up again. Please pray for my dear little boy Iggy.

  6. Prayers for your Iggy and for you, Phoebe. Father in Heaven, you have given us such precious gifts as the love of the creatures you have created. Please look upon Iggy and heal him quickly and give Phoebe peace in this trial. In Jesus’ precious Name we pray. Thank you, Father.

    1. Bless you, Linda. I’m starting to see promising signs, but I’m still watching carefully.

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