M.I.T., EPA Experts: Climbit Change Is a Scam

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In a peer-reviewed scientific paper, reviewed by experts from M.I.T. and the Environmental Protection Agency, we have “conclusive findings” that Man-Made Global Warming and Climate Change blah-blah is a deliberate campaign to deceive the nations of the world (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/peer-reviewed-report-m-t-scientists-epa-researchers-conclude-man-made-climate-change-bunk/).

In fact, they lay it on the line: “It is quite clear that the [temperature] data have been intentionally tampered with.” So all that stuff you heard about the last three years being the warmest in history, that was just NASA and NOAA and other scam artists cooking the books.

Not that we needed scientists to tell us that Gore and Kerry and Obama and Clinton and all the rest of the Climbit Change Gang, partying all over the world on private jets, yachts, and limousines, living in colossal mansions, and behaving every day like persons who don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling… are totally unworthy of anyone’s belief. (Whopper of a sentence!) I mean, really–if you believe anything those people say, you really are a sap. Get help! C’mon, now–“Save The Planet by expanding our power beyond anything seen by man since Stalin died, and by forking over huge new taxes…!” What is anyone’s excuse for swallowing that line?

Again I thank God for sparing us President Hillary. Under her party’s platform, this scientific paper would constitute Climate Change Denial and might land its authors in prison.

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10 responses to “M.I.T., EPA Experts: Climbit Change Is a Scam

  • Linda Sorci

    Wouldn’t it be grand to see all the perpetrators of this mega lie in striped pajamas behind bars?! And many of them for even more! Meanwhile, they continue to leave their ‘carbon footprints’ all over the world. What a joke.

    It’s mid-July and I’m still waiting for spring and summer. So much for global warming. And taking up the phrase ‘climate change’ doesn’t work either – the climate changes daily in some form, and large scale climate events are cyclical. The ice age came and went, the planet is still here, and so are we.


  • UnKnowable

    From the time that the Global Warming theory started to gain traction, back in the ’90s, it has occurred to me that the models used to predict this would be quite subjective and vulnerable to manipulation. When you are dealing with long term trends, even a subtle change can skew the results dramatically.

    Humans like to search for order and find connections between seemingly unrelated events. If you read about some of the attempts to calculate the arrival of the End Times (such as the work of William Miller in the early 19th century) you will see this sort of thing in operation. Such attempts pick and choose fragments of information and then present these fragments as being woven into an ironclad argument, but in reality, they’ve done a lot of “verse checking” and ignore context.

    So too with the efforts to calculate the secular left’s armageddon, they start out with a conclusion and then cherry-pick the facts they present in support of their conclusions. If you listen to the information they present, it will seem convincing. However, if you look at this in a broader context, you may find that you arrive at different conclusions.


  • Phoebe

    The trouble is that Climbit Change is a religion, not a science. So by definition, anyone who denies any part of it is a heretic or apostate and must be excommunicated (or fired or bankrupted, which is the secular form of excommunication). Thus, the excommunicated deniers are not “real” scientists, even if they hold tenured positions at M.I.T.

    It’s always been the most circular of circular arguments:
    A. All reputable scientists agree that there’s global warming.
    B. But here are thousands of scientists who say there isn’t.
    A. They aren’t reputable scientists.
    B. So what makes a scientist reputable?
    A. He must believe in global warming.
    …and round and round it goes…


    • UnKnowable

      That’s an amazing illustration. I’ve seen the same thing in religion:

      We are from God.

      How do I know that God sent you?

      Because we told you so.

      But why should I believe you?

      (Because) We are from God.

      Ad infinitum.


    • leeduigon

      I really must take exception to the claim that the Ebola virus is a fiction.
      I do remember when the Ozone Hole was going to wipe out Australia and then open up everywhere else and we’re all gonna die unless we do what Democrats tell us to do. The lies and fables of leftids are too well documented to require further comment in this small space.

      But I refuse to start calling **everything** a false flag operation (and I really hate that term).

      The only genuine false flag operation we find in history was Hitler’s clumsily staged “Polish invasion of Germany” in 1939; and that didn’t even fool Neville Chamberlain.


  • UnKnowable

    Yet another tanker full of snake oil, greedily consumed by the uninformed.


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