Nora the Piano Cat… Plus Orchestra

Would you believe it? They composed a musical piece just for this cat. But it is, after all, Nora the famous piano-playing cat. How famous? Well, my wife has a Nora coffee mug. There are no coffee mugs with me on them.

Cats can be quite musical. My cat Buster used to derive endless pleasure from twanging the rubber band that kept my package of Archway cookies closed. That sound coming from the kitchen really mystified us, until we caught him in the act.

2 comments on “Nora the Piano Cat… Plus Orchestra

  1. I admire her use of dissonance and catching a note by rolling her head on the keyboard is absolutely innovative. 🙂

    In all seriousness, she has a sense of rhythm. I’ve listened to Nora videos before and she definitely is in touch with something rhythmic. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, our sense of rhythm has to come from brainwaves and cats have brainwaves every bit as steady as those of humans. That has to play a role in their natural balance and grace.

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