The Furry Cold Shoulder

Don’t you just feel like two cents when your cat won’t let you kiss her? What good is all that nice, soft fur if you can’t rub your face against it?

Happily, I don’t have this problem with my cats. My problem is more in the nature of cat hairs getting stuck in my mustache. Oh, well. If I don’t have whatever germs they have by now, I’m not going to get ’em.

4 comments on “The Furry Cold Shoulder

  1. Adorable! Every one! The little kitten who thought she needed to wash up after every kiss was hilarious! 🙂

  2. With my cat, there is no quantity of attention or affection that would be too much. She’s literally never rejected positive attention from anyone. But I have been on the receiving end of the feline cold shoulder from other cats. They are sure fascinating critters.

  3. I, too, loved the one where the kitten scrubbed off the kisses.

    My cat Iggy, an American shorthair, hates being approached from the front, even for scratching behind his head. I always have to start from behind his head, and then I can rub or kiss his cheek or under his chin. My previous cat CoCo, however, a Himalayan, was a real face-smoocher, and sometimes I was the one who had to turn away from the kisses after a while because they were getting too drooly or I could tell he was about to start nipping.

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