New State Holiday in Illinois: Obama Day

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This is not a satire. I only wish it was.

The state of Illinois is going bankrupt, having beaten even California in the race to fiscal oblivion. The Chicago Public School District is on the hook for $850 million in interest on a $500 million loan. And those are the good things that are happening in Illinois.

To celebrate the glorious results of public policies conceived and executed by off-the-wall liberals, the governor and legislature of the state of Illinois have decreed Aug. 4 “Barack Obama Day.”  (  Because Ol’ *Batteries Not Included “dedicated his life [to going on vacation] to protecting the rights of Americans…” and (get this!) “building bridges across communities.” The only “bridges” ever built by this person–sorry, all the nouns that really fit are not suitable for publication here–were the kind that made it easier for looters to get to their victims.

There was not a single vote against this holiday in the legislature, not even one. Well, you know what happens to people who say “no” to Obama. “You’re a racist, you’re a racist, yaaaah!”

But then maybe Illinois deserves a Barack Obama Day.

Maybe there should be a rule that your state can’t have a Barack Obama Day until it goes bankrupt.

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