New State Holiday in Illinois: Obama Day

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This is not a satire. I only wish it was.

The state of Illinois is going bankrupt, having beaten even California in the race to fiscal oblivion. The Chicago Public School District is on the hook for $850 million in interest on a $500 million loan. And those are the good things that are happening in Illinois.

To celebrate the glorious results of public policies conceived and executed by off-the-wall liberals, the governor and legislature of the state of Illinois have decreed Aug. 4 “Barack Obama Day.”  (  Because Ol’ *Batteries Not Included “dedicated his life [to going on vacation] to protecting the rights of Americans…” and (get this!) “building bridges across communities.” The only “bridges” ever built by this person–sorry, all the nouns that really fit are not suitable for publication here–were the kind that made it easier for looters to get to their victims.

There was not a single vote against this holiday in the legislature, not even one. Well, you know what happens to people who say “no” to Obama. “You’re a racist, you’re a racist, yaaaah!”

But then maybe Illinois deserves a Barack Obama Day.

Maybe there should be a rule that your state can’t have a Barack Obama Day until it goes bankrupt.

16 comments on “New State Holiday in Illinois: Obama Day

  1. There is no end to the guy’s ego and I’m sure that he would be pleased to see this become a national, or even worldwide holiday. He’ll have his fame and glory, for a time, but history will sort it all out.

  2. The holiday can be celebrated with bonfires — whole neighborhoods going up in smoke. And, of course, guns fired into the air (and into passersby).

  3. When I saw this article earlier today, I laughed out loud. There’s no explanation for idiocy. Do these people not realize they’re celebrating him in the state that harbors Chicago, with all its crime and murder? The very town he launched his political future from. Common sense and reality are apparently nearly extinct there. UGH!

    1. If you happen to forget, Lee, I can post it if you like. I’m subscribed to NWV notifications.

  4. Now, this very idea is VERY OFFENSIVE to me, so what do they do about that? I have never been so offended in my life as I have been by this bunch of hooligans. Don’t see anyone crying about it, though.
    Did you see the article that published the power use of Gore’s big palatial property? He who is so worried about “footprints”– give me a break.

    1. Quite true, on all counts.

      In the long term, justice will prevail. Hitler was the most arrogant person imaginable, but he died by his own hand after having been reduced to living in an underground bunker. Sadaam Hussein, reduced to living in a hole in the ground.

      God has reduced prideful men to nothing, more than once. He can do it again.

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