It Gets Cold When You Stop Cheating!

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This headline from The Australian quickly caught my eye:

“Temperature readings plunge after Australia Bureau of Meteorology orders end to ‘Tampering'” (

And suddenly it’s about 10 degrees (Centigrade) cooler in Australia.

Gee, why were the readings so high? Because “smart cards”–we’ve told you to beware of that word “smart” when certain people use it–“filter out the coldest readings.” Well, that would do it. The low temperature readings simply “vanish from the record.”

It’s sort of like deleting the outs from your batting average: always makes it go up.

Anyway… toldja, toldja, toldja so! It’s a fake, it’s a scam, it’s a hustle, it’s a power grab!

Really–how many times do these people have to be caught lying and cheating before the world catches on?

10 comments on “It Gets Cold When You Stop Cheating!

  1. If you do minimal research – the 70s and 80s were filled with meteorologist and climate expert reports that the next ice age was eminent. Literally thousands of articles were published on the fact that within the listener or readers lifetime temperatures would drop so drastically a climate Armageddon was being guaranteed. Well what happened? We went from the ice age to global warming in just 40 years???? It’s ALLLLLLLLL propaganda to promote an agenda of the powers that be!

    1. There’s a video with Leonard Nemoy narrating it’s rather entertaining – his voice ominously reports our very near demise do to record low temperatures setting in and causing mass starvation around the world.

  2. Unfortunately, the fakery has been exposed before, but it hasn’t changed the media and government narrative. Doomsday sells, man! And it’s good for increasing government programs.

    As we used to (half-)joke in the Air Force, “I’ve made up my mind; don’t confuse me with the facts.”

  3. Yes, Phoebe, facts not welcome here. Well, global warming, anyone? Read the Second epistle of Apostle Peter 3:10-11. I don’t think these fools have considered that, but they should.

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