Not-Quite-Stealthy Kitten

Generally when you’re trying to sneak up on somebody, it’s best not to do it in plain sight. If you’re a kitten, you might not have learned that lesson yet.  We humans smile and think they’re cute when they do this; but if we were bugs we wouldn’t think so. This would really put a twitch in your antenners.

10 comments on “Not-Quite-Stealthy Kitten

  1. All of those stealth instincts just ready to be put to use, but with only 6-8 weeks of life experience, there are still flaws in the execution. 🙂

  2. Awwww – she’s trying so hard to get that stealth thing down right 🙂 All kittens are such adorable little ones – no matter what they’re doing 🙂

    Hopefully Robbie is back to normal, Lee – playing and eating as before.

    1. Not quite yet, but getting there. She’s put a little weight back on, and is able to take naps without being frantic for food. Please keep the prayers coming.

    2. You and yours, including your Aunt Joan and Robbie and Peep, are always in my prayers, kind sir.

  3. Yes, our cute little cuddly, sweeties really tug at our heart strings. I was also wondering about your precious Robbie.

    1. She’s a little better, Erlene–no longer just a bag of bones, at least. We’ll know more after her next blood work–next week, I think.

    2. What I’ve learned is that it’s important to space the doses as regularly as possible because the medication doesn’t last long in the bloodstream.

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