My Books Are Selling…?

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I got the quarterly sales figures for my books today. When I finished wailing and rending my garments, I comforted myself with the knowledge that at least they’re doing better than some other books, including these:

Hobart and Gzunt Go to the Foot Doctor. The oddly misshapen twins both think they have corns, but it turns out that nothing’s wrong.

The Homeless Person’s Guide to the Stock Market. They’re kidding, right?

Toward a Digital Future for the Teaching of Welsh Dialects in Tanzania’s Secondary Schools, with Japanese Subtitles. This one’ll set you back $549.99. No takers yet.

Joe Collidge’s Larn To tel Time! Boook.
This is the definitive manual for persons approaching their 35th birthdays and still in undergraduate studies, who have not yet mastered the skill of telling time by a clock or watch.

I’m sure there are others.

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  1. People who aren’t reading your books are missing an exceptional treat! Every time I finish one, I can hardly wait till the next one. They’re ageless and timeless and honor God. What more could a reader ask for? Thank you, Lee.

    If Joe Collidge is running the class, I presume it will be open only to professional students 🙂

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