What Do You Say to a Moth?

My cat Henry used to do this all the time. A moth would fly in and park on the ceiling, and Henry would climb all around the furniture, yapping at the moth. What was he saying? I’m not sure, but I think it was something like “Come down here, you coward! Think you’re tough, eh? Just wait’ll I get my paws on you!” I guess the moths understood him because they never came down.

3 comments on “What Do You Say to a Moth?

  1. Yeah, I have often wondered if the critters my cat talks to understand him.
    He is pretty intolerant of any “home invasion” and he doesn’t mind meowing about it.

  2. My cat chatters at birds outside the window. It must be frustrating to her. She also makes some low, sort of guttural yowls on occasion, which sound way too impressive to have come out of an average sized house cat.

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