The Cat as Seeker of Knowledge

I have no idea what a bubble timer is, or is supposed to do. Maybe I ought to ask the cat in this video. He is making a study of it. You can see he is of a contemplative bent–not the kind of cat who stuffs himself into a fish bowl or going all puffy-tail at his reflection in a mirror.

The road to wisdom starts at the bubble timer. I’m sure I once heard someone say that.

19 comments on “The Cat as Seeker of Knowledge

  1. Do you suppose he’s trying to count them? From the looks of that bubble machine that would be an endless endeavor. His patience is impressive 🙂

    1. They say aquariums are great for that too, but I’m sure the bubble machine is much lower maintenance 🙂

    2. Yes, there’s nothing like a tankful of turtles after you’ve fed them liverwurst for supper–time to change the water again.

  2. That was a great video. I felt sorry for the parakeet trying its best to get a response from those toy parakeets. Some of the rodents seemed pretty happy with their life in captivity.

    1. Me too – kind of like when they see themselves in those little mirrors.

    2. I’ve always felt sorry for parakeets. They seem happy in captivity, but they definitely perk up when they see or hear another bird.

    3. When I was a young girl, we had a parakeet and he loved to get loose and sit on top of the curtain rod where my mom couldn’t get him. He also loved riding on our shoulders or the tops of our heads 🙂

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