More Festival of Idiocy

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Robert Lee and Robert E. Lee. No relation.

ESPN didn’t want to offend anybody, so they yanked one of their regular sportscasters off covering a football game… because his name is Robert Lee ( and that would, like, y’know, just freak people out, man! I mean, he’s named after a Confederate general, betcha anything he owns slaves…

Mr. Lee is of Chinese extraction. Lee is a very common Chinese surname.

Uh, Democrats–really, how many new votes do you expect to get out of these shenanigans? Do you really expect to surf back into power on the crest of the Civil War? Didn’t your side lose, the last time we had the Civil War? Who in the world do you think is going to suddenly smack his forehead and cry out, “Oh, I see! I see it now! Oh, I shoulda been a liberal!”

The sooner these people fall off into oblivion, the better for the rest of us.

9 comments on “More Festival of Idiocy

  1. There’s so many things that can be said about this: Sports has become so politicized, the more they try to stop offenses the more things they find to get offended about, they have lost all competency and rational thinking, and without Jesus, people are utterly lost and hopeless.

    1. Meanwhile, someone has sent me an email insisting that Monday’s solar eclipse was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the New World Order and the Deep State. For what purpose, she dunno.

      I really miss sanity.

  2. When I heard this last evening, I could only shake my head in disbelief. The whole of the democrat party/libs and progs, desperately need s stretcher.

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