Showing the Humans Who’s Boss

This is the first blog post made on my repaired computer with a new hard drive. Wish me luck.

Anyway, on to the cat video. What’s with these humans? The lady wants to go to bed and the cat won’t let her. Mr. Man tries a gentle application of force, only to be defeated after a second or two. They don’t seem to get the idea that the bed belongs to the cat–if they’re so tired, who’s stopping them from sleeping on the back porch or the kitchen floor? Clearly further training is in order.

*Sigh* It won’t let me post this on Facebook, demanding a password which I don’t have. Oh, I hate technology!

**I can put it on Facebook if I go over to the laptop. Oh, well, live and learn.

4 comments on “Showing the Humans Who’s Boss

  1. I’ve never been through that exact phenomenon, but I’ve seen some real territorial battles over my bed. If I leave, for any reason, the cat places herself exactly where I had been and is not about to relinquish her claim on that piece of turf.

    Congrats on getting the PC back, Lee.

  2. Hm. Our cats occasionally try that. Either myself or my wife picks them up and tosses them on the floor. End of problem.

  3. If that were me, I’d have just climbed in. The kitty would’ve probably curled up next to her and all would’ve been well. 🙂

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