Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends +$30G on Hair & Makeup

Image result for images of horse's rear end

They just had to have this guy Macron to be their president–just had to have him! And now the French are miffed because Pretty Boy has, in three months, spend some 26,000 Euros on his hair and makeup ( That’s over $30,000 in U.S. money.

Okay, compared to what Ol’ *Batteries Not Included and his wife spent on decorating and amusing themselves, Macron spends peanuts. But the U.S. is a richer country than France.

I wonder how much money DeGaulle spent on hair and makeup.

It turns out Macron’s immediate predecessors spent almost as much money primping and preening. Meanwhile, Macron’s sky-high popularity is down to under 40%. And that’s with the French media giving him a leg up.

Well, mes enfants, you could’ve had Marine LePen: she’s more of a man than any of the others. But the media kept telling you Macron was a “centrist,” a nice and comfy centrist, and LePen was an “extremist” for wanting to keep France French–and it seems that now you’ve got what you deserve: a president who ponces around in front of a mirror singing I Feel Pretty.

It’ll take a miracle to save Western Europe from itself.

And I don’t know why God should grant them one.

P.S.–“So where’s the picture?” you ask. Well, today the computer is not letting me post any pictures. I don’t know why. Someone ought to invent a computer that can feel pain. And fear. Then maybe we’d get some cooperation. P.P.S.–If I try it on the laptop, then it works. I don’t know why.

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14 responses to “Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends +$30G on Hair & Makeup

  • UnKnowable

    “It’ll take a miracle to save Western Europe from itself.

    And I don’t know why God should grant them one.”

    In my personal opinion, they are all but done for. It may be reversible, but they’d better get busy if they intend to save their civilization/culture.


  • Erlene

    It just becomes more insane by the day, in fact by the hour. I can’t help wondering what would have happened if any of this madness had happened in the 1930’s and 40’s when I was growing up. I recall a neighbor boy with two sisters, who liked playing the piano and saxophone more than sports and all the townspeople looked sideways at him, thinking something was a little strange about him. At least, he didn’t wear makeup or concern himself with his hair.


  • Watchman

    Justin Trudeau of Canada is the same way, and so is Obama. A horses rear end indeed.


  • Phoebe

    I can see the picture! — and I think it’s a charming portrait of the rear end of a horse. Such a beautifully coiffed tail, oo la la!


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