Rated “R”… for Dogs

They say dogs don’t understand what they see on TV. Well, that could be said of more than a few humans, too. So here is somebody’s bulldog attentively watching TV. In fact, he’s watching Cujo, the Stephen King horror movie about a rabid… well, dog. You won’t be left in any doubt of what the bulldog thinks of that!

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6 responses to “Rated “R”… for Dogs

  • Erlene

    Wow, that gets them excited. I used to have a cat who acted like that, and he watched mutual of Omaha’s wild kingdom every time it came on. At the commercials, he turned away, the right back when the animals came on.


  • UnKnowable

    Progressive Scan TVs have opened a whole new world to animals, the world of television. They could hear TV before and sense motion on the screen, but they now see the same as humans do and have become fans of the medium.

    That was a funny clip. The bulldog definitely had a thing or two to say about Cujo’s behavior. 🙂 Unfortunately, my cat may have heard the soundtrack of the video and I will be dealing with a not-so-happy feline. She is no fan of dogs.


  • Linda Sorci

    LOL! I didn’t realize my volume was up. Michael was in another room and asked me where the dog that was barking was. Our landlord’s dog used to watch TV. She even knew which commercials had animals in them and would react to them.


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