Hell Ride II

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The good news is that the experts have recovered almost all our data and we are back in one piece. The bad news is that we got lost again coming home and just about a whole day is up the spout.

The route to this data recovery place is quite complex, and it’s really easy to miss a turn or two when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings in heavy traffic, much of which consists of aspiring kamikaze pilots.

The process of putting the data back into our computer, as the data recovery man explained it, is a project that, for sheer ornery complication, is somewhere on the order of taking a census of all the ant-hills in our neighborhood. A minute or two into his explanation, my brain was feverishly seeking a way out of my cranium. Patty says she understood it.

We did manage to avoid those tricky mountain roads today, but for all our efforts to follow the directions to a T, we still wound up with an extra ten miles’ wandering through parts unknown. Patty says it wasn’t quite as bad as the first time, but you could’ve fooled me.

One cherished cigar later, and I’m looking forward to my supper, a nap, and enough rest to start writing coherently again. I’ll have a lot of work to make up tomorrow, including, somehow, a Newswithviews column. All I really want to do is get back to writing up the new set of chapters of my book.

As hell rides go, this one wasn’t much, compared to some of the examples cited in your comments: see Phoebe’s and Linda’s, earlier today. But it was certainly enough for me.

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  1. Stressful events are never easy to accommodate. Bad enough when it’s something familiar. You had a rough time of it all the way around, Lee. Trying to understand something as confusing as computer stuff (it is for me too), and then dealing with the insanity encountered on unfamiliar roads with wacky driver – well that’s a bit much for one day. Hopefully, your cigar restored you to sanity.

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