Your Disappearing Comments: Solved!

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So yesterday I finally decided to consult the WordPress Happiness Engineers to find out why some of you find your comments disappearing into the Blahsmos as soon as you think you’ve posted them.

First I got a surprise, a message I’d never seen here before: All the happiness engineers are currently busy, please check back with us later. All busy doing what? I’ve been here ten years and never saw that message till yesterday evening.

By and by I got through–and then learned that my readers’ missing comments are probably in a cache called “Pending,” where they have to be either approved or rejected. I looked, and there they were. “You have to train the algorithm so that it knows what you want or don’t want,” the engineer told me. Well, okay, fine. I got rid of a lot of junk and approved a bunch of comments.

If you try to post a comment and it simply disappears, please let me know: there’s a decent chance that I’ll be able to find it and revive it.

Algorithms. Does that mean “mindless robot”? Stupid robot that dumps everything into the spam folder unless directed otherwise? Yeah, I think that’s what it means.

Machines are supposed to be our servants. [Fourteen-minute laugh break.] Well, at least they don’t steal the spoons.

I Can’t Hear You (Anybody There?)

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Listening, but not hearing

Has WordPress done it to us again? It’s telling me there have been no comments here–zip, zero, nada–since midnight, and hardly any views, for that matter.

I wouldn’t be suspicious, except that yesterday several of you had difficulties seeing the comments that you tried to post. Maybe today it’s my turn not to see them.

Please drop me an email and let me know if you’ve tried to comment today and couldn’t do it. Not that that’ll do any good! But at least I’ll know something’s up.

Or if you haven’t tried it and been frustrated yet, you could try to post a comment and see if it gets through.

Anybody else having problems like this?

A Quick Question

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Most of you know computers better than I do, so maybe somebody out there can explain this to me.

Every day for the past week or so, I find my viewership down 50 to 75 views per day. This is discouraging, to say the least. Why do you suppose this is happening? Is Big Tech burying us at the bottom of the search engines? I haven’t received any scolding messages from anywhere.

Anyway, I’d like to know if it’s something I can fix.

Thank you.

Transgender-Free Sunday

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I keep getting interrupting messages from this computer demanding I restart it (part of some update or other). This is what put me out of commission the other night. But I suppose I have no alternative but to try it.

Someone just emailed us another article featuring the evil folly of “transgender.” I don’t want to write about that today. It has been smeared over the earth from pole to pole. It comes from Hell.

All right, all right… let’s restart. I hope and pray it doesn’t leave me dead in the water.

I’m in Suspense

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Last night my laptop, on which I do at least 90% of my work, totally conked out, could not be revived. I mean, we are getting totally crushed, this year so far.

This morning–the laptop came back on. I’m typing this on Patty’s computer while I wait for the icons. This coming week I face another car repair bill and I dread spending any more money.

Pray for us, keep your fingers crossed for us, and let’s just hope the laptop can hang on a while longer.

So You Want a Computer Implant, Eh?

“Hey! Let’s have computer chips implanted in our brains! Computers are so smart, and they work so well!”

How many times have we heard that?

Sometimes I’ll post something on Facebook, and when I visit Facebook, I find that whatever illustration or video I chose for the post… has been replaced by a picture of the Bell Mountain book cover. I didn’t ask for it. Didn’t even think of it. The book cover has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post.

All right–let’s try to post another Mahalia Jackson video. There is no reason why it shouldn’t go merrily along to Facebook with the text. Really, I don’t know what to expect. Maybe it’ll display images of a Biden rally. Or centaurs.

Only one way to find out…

Later: There seem to be no problems with the post this time. Maybe they’re trying to give me a false sense of security. “See? It works! Nothin’ wrong here.”

I still don’t want a chip in my head.

Testing, Testing…

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This picture of a Daspletosaurus preying on a hadrosaur is only here as a test. I want to see if all those boxes appear again. This computer gets up to things without asking my permission.

No boxes yet…

Can I Have a Do-Over?

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Look at this: going on noon, and I’m still trying to put up my first post on this computer.

First Peep jumps up onto a cabinet and knocks my Witch Box manuscript behind the radiator, which cannot be moved. This lets me in for 30 minutes of fun, crawling around in a cramped space when I already have a cramp, moving heavy furniture. Finally got it back out.

Sat down at the computer and kablooey, it goes rogue on me. Another half an hour up the spout. What does this machine think it’s doing?

Well, let’s just see if this post actually winds up getting posted. Here goes…

Mission Accomplished, I Guess

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I disconnected the old monitor, took it to Office Depot so I could ask for an exact replacement-sorry, no dice: “But this one is just like it.” Took it home, cleaned out the computer hutch–I mean, there were mythical creatures nesting in it–assembled the new monitor… and finally tried to hook it up. That was not accomplished without a great deal of impassioned language. Technology and me, very bad mix. Patty had to plug in the last whatsit. For some reason it worked when she did it.

The whole thing took a little over an hour and a half, and I’m already about 80 views down from yesterday. But we’ve got a new monitor! The old one had gotten into a bad habit of showing everyone’s faces in a movie as bright flaming red or hoo-hah glaring yellow.

I am told I get too excited and it’s bad for my blood pressure. Well… keep me away from electronics and cars. If I had servants to do these things, I’d be as cool as a cucumber.

Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

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Both of our computers have taken the noon balloon this afternoon. I’ve only just gotten this one working (sort of) again. But now I am stressed out and need to rest.

I’ll be back… later.