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A Brand-New Computer Problem!

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You know how, if you don’t stay on top of it and regularly delete lots and lots of stuff, you suddenly wind up with ten thousand emails? And you can’t find any of the important items because they’re lost in a sea of junk?

Well, tonight this genius machine has decided not to let me delete emails anymore. I will have to wake up my wife to see if she can fix it.

My editor’s computer has decided to receive only some of its emails some of the time.

We’ll never create genuine artificial intelligence; but we have truly mastered artificial stupidity.

Excuse me for a moment… EEEEYAAAAH—!

Where Have I Been All Day?

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We have this computer and the laptop, and they both were a mess this afternoon. I can’t even try to explain what was wrong with them. The only thing they had in common was that Firefox didn’t work on either one and both had Malwarebytes going postal on us. Everything else went wrong with them, too.

So let me say this now, in public: my wife is the smartest person I know. She wrestled with the bloody things and finally got them back to normal. All self-taught, to boot. Go to the head of the class, Patty. You da man… so to speak. I have no idea how she does it.

So, we’re back in business, at least until the next computer gehenna. Anybody interested in hooking his or her brain up to a great big master computer somewhere? Any takers?



A Couple of Computer Snafus

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You may have noticed that some of your comments have mysteriously disappeared this morning. I started typing a reply to one of them and several of them vanished, just like that. I have no idea why. Computer stuff. If one of those vanished comments was one of yours, I can only invite you to post it again. I do want to hear from you.

Also, WordPress turned off the comments for my “Unexpected Good News” post. I have re-enabled the comments, so you can make them now. I’m still dazzled by the good news from the hospital, that Aunt Joan’s condition has stabilized and she can go back to the nursing home and rest. God does hear our prayers!

‘Comments Have Been Disabled’

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The WordPress gremlins are already at work this morning, disabling comments on every post as soon as I post it. I’ve already had to correct this on three posts, and I expect to have to do it on this one, too.

Hey, everybody! Let’s be super-smart! Let’s all hook our minds up to one great big super-smart computer!

Better living through imbecility…

(Yup, I was right. WordPress automatically disabled the comments for this post. I have corrected that. And so yet another unnecessary step is added to the process of posting an item on this blog.)

They’re Gonna ‘Create a Godhead’

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

A former executive with Google has filed papers with the IRS preparatory to setting up “an official religion of technology… with the goal of creating a godhead” (https://pjmedia.com/faith/ex-google-executive-registers-first-church-of-ai-with-irs/). Meanwhile the tech wizards at WordPress can’t figure out how to make my news links link to any news.

I’m sure this subject comes up somewhere in the Bible. Lemme see now…

Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands… They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.  —Psalm 115

I think there’s even a technical term for this. Now what could it be? Ooh-ooh, I know! Idol worship!

Excuse me. Batteries were running low, and had to interrupt my post to plug this laptop into the wall. I wonder what they’ll do when their godhead runs out of juice.

Can you believe it? People who are supposed to be smart, but who in fact are gibbering morons, actually propose to worship something that they create with their own hands. Not only is this foolishness; it is incredibly ancient foolishness. Ours is the most expensively and time-consumingly “educated” society in all of human history. And if that doesn’t make you laugh out loud, it ought to make you cry.

O Lord our God, please remember, when you judge our country, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. Amen.


WordPress Foul-Up No. 109,272

When a little kitten chases its tail, it’s cute and funny. When a 68-year-old man does it, they begin measuring him for a rubber room.

I just knew this day could not go by without WordPress coming up with yet another stupid problem. And this one’s a beauty.

They’ve got me a new follower for my blog. Me. Yeah, I’m listed as a follower of my own blog. I lead it and follow it at the same time. No wonder I’m confused. No wonder my readership is down. Who wants to read someone that egotistical?

Wait’ll these geniuses find out that the Indus Valley Script has never been deciphered. That’ll be next. Re-do all the posts in Indus Valley Script. Ain’t it fun to run a tech company?

Here’s What They’ve Done to Me Today

WordPress has really gone to town on me today. I’m surprised there’s anything left of this blog. Here’s what they’d hit me with, just today.

News links don’t link to anything.

Reblogging feature doesn’t work.

Blog followers aren’t getting notified when new posts go up.

And other things are going on at the readers’ end to make communication more difficult.

My readership is down and my blood pressure is up. Every time one problem is solved, two more take its place.

And Congress isn’t even running this mess.

Can You Even See This?

WordPress is really socking it to me today, and I have no way of knowing whether any of my posts can be read by anyone.

First the news links stopped working. Then the reblogging function. Jano, I reblogged your article, your page tells me it’s been reblogged, and I can’t find it anywhere here, where it ought to have shown up. And now WordPress has stopped tracking new views.

I wanted to finish writing The Temptation today so my editor can tell me whether it turned out all right. I wanted to check in with Joe Collidge.

So far, no go.

And meanwhile they’ve carted Aunt Joan off to the hospital with a fever, so please pray that that turns out all right. Amen.

Gold Star for Patty!

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Okay, that problem with the teeny-weeny typeface has been solved by my wife, the computer genius. Three cheers!

Everything here that was hard to read is now much easier.

Can You Read This?

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I’m only asking because here at my end, the text of my blog posts is so small as to make it difficult to read. Patty and I have to take our glasses off to read it.

If you’re having the same problem at your end, please let me know–so I can steel myself for another marathon session with the WordPress engineers. *Sigh*

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