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My Chapters Are Done!

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I worked my brains out today, doing over those chapters that the blasted computer devoured yesterday, and they’re all done, emailed to my editor, and printed out on paper, too. Calloo, callay.

Not that The Temptation is finished. There are still more chapters to go, and the Lord has not yet shown me how the story ends.

Meanwhile, some animal called a “shabarak” has entered the story and I don’t yet know what kind of beast it is. I’m leaning toward a Macrauchenia (pictured above). I’ve always been partial to it. It used to live in South America.

Mr. Blog is awful slow today. I hope a cat video later on can pep it up.

Crikey, am I tired!

My Chapters Are Blowin’ in the Wind

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Well, our IT guy has come and gone, he wrestled with the problem and couldn’t find the cause, much less the solution, and the upshot of it is that the first four chapters in the set are still here, but the last two–the longest ones, of course–are gone. I will have to do them all over again from scratch.

Because of the way I work, those chapters cannot be exactly duplicated. I was only just saying the other day that some of the material in those chapters was as good as anything I’ve ever done. For those who wonder about it, we do have backup, etc., but somehow this stuff never got backed up. The chapters as written are lost somewhere in the bowels of the computer. And Excalibur lies at the bottom of a lake or pond somewhere in England. Good luck trying to find it.

So I’ll write them all over again and ask the Lord to help me make them better than they were.

Computer Disaster! S.O.S! Help!

So I’m typing my current chapter set, and I’m almost done, 27 pages, over 11,000 words–and suddenly the whole blamed thing disappears! Back to “Page 1 of 1, 0 words.”

Where is my work????? How can I get it back? I was just typing away and there it went, gone, vanished, off to see the fairies. When I search for the document, all I get is this blank page.

Anybody out there who can help? Like, before my head explodes! Help!!!!

Why My Book’s Not Finished, or, Aunt Joan’s Banking Hell

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Patty called me in from working on my book because she was trying to do Aunt Joan’s banking online and it wasn’t working. Twice she called the bank, and twice she got cut off. I’m power of attorney, so before we get cut off, I have to go through all this re-bop about authorizing my wife to speak to a representative. Then we get cut off and have to start over.

Third time: okay, we don’t get cut off, but for some unknown reason the user name and password don’t work anymore and have to be replaced. By way of our speaker phone, says the banker. We don’t have a speaker phone. Well, your cell phone, then. We don’t have a cell phone. And the rules say she can’t talk to my wife about this, it has to be me, and I don’t know nothin’. So Pat goes across the room to the computer while I sit here and talk on the phone, back and forth. They have to converse through me. And my allergies are dancing the lambada with my respiratory system.

Every time we have to do this, both parties want to talk at once and I can’t make out what either of them is saying. And so it goes back and forth, back and forth, for the better part of an hour.

At least it finally has a happy ending: problem solved. I can go back to trying to breathe.

Really, I do understand the need for security in these matters. We don’t want some schlemiel in Pakistan dipping into our bank accounts. But meanwhile I’ve totally forgotten what I was about to write. *Sigh*

Loading the Computer

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We have Adam the tech guy here today to load all of the recovered data from our busted hard drive into our new hard drive. Gee, you’d almost think I knew what I was talking about. But I don’t.

Anyway, he says it’s going well, he’s restoring Patty’s assorted games that she bought, and if he’s done soon enough, I can go for a bike ride. And we will be altogether back in business, computer-wise.

Hell Ride II

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The good news is that the experts have recovered almost all our data and we are back in one piece. The bad news is that we got lost again coming home and just about a whole day is up the spout.

The route to this data recovery place is quite complex, and it’s really easy to miss a turn or two when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings in heavy traffic, much of which consists of aspiring kamikaze pilots.

The process of putting the data back into our computer, as the data recovery man explained it, is a project that, for sheer ornery complication, is somewhere on the order of taking a census of all the ant-hills in our neighborhood. A minute or two into his explanation, my brain was feverishly seeking a way out of my cranium. Patty says she understood it.

We did manage to avoid those tricky mountain roads today, but for all our efforts to follow the directions to a T, we still wound up with an extra ten miles’ wandering through parts unknown. Patty says it wasn’t quite as bad as the first time, but you could’ve fooled me.

One cherished cigar later, and I’m looking forward to my supper, a nap, and enough rest to start writing coherently again. I’ll have a lot of work to make up tomorrow, including, somehow, a Newswithviews column. All I really want to do is get back to writing up the new set of chapters of my book.

As hell rides go, this one wasn’t much, compared to some of the examples cited in your comments: see Phoebe’s and Linda’s, earlier today. But it was certainly enough for me.

On the Road Again Today

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Well, they tell us they’ve made “a good recovery” of data from our busted hard drive, so we’ve got to go back up the mountain today to get it. I admit I selected the photo above for dramatic effect. Our destination, New Jersey’s Watchung Mountains, offer no opportunity to drive right off a cliff. Just high, twisty, narrow roads frequented by speeding dump trucks loaded to capacity with stone and chunks of concrete so that they couldn’t possibly stop in time to avoid an accident, driven by persons fanatically devoted to tailgating… [pause for hyperventilating]

I don’t know how long that’ll take, or how much new material I’ll have time to post today. But if you’re new here, please feel free to browse among the blog archives–you’re bound to find something that’ll amuse you.

Still Image Test, Take 1

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Freddy the Pig is here because my wife devised a method of posting still images, after the method I used successfully thousands of times suddenly stopped working, for no discernible reason. As you can see, her method works. That means I won’t have to set up the laptop every time I want to post an image.

Freddy was pretty smart. I wonder if he could’ve figured out computers. I know I can’t.

Critter Video Test, Take 1

Why won’t this computer let me post still images today, but videos are okay? I can’t figure it out. You readers get the benefit of this nice little Uintatherium video (which, alas, is also a soup commercial), but all I’m getting is confusion. If I want to post an image, I have to go over to the laptop. This is not efficient.

Enough of this. For the time being, I retreat to Obann.


Jack climbing the wall of the Palace of Obann–don’t look down, Jack!–had hardly a more difficult time than we’ve been having since our computer’s hard drive died last weekend. But like our hero, we’re making progress.

Tomorrow morning Adam the tech is coming over to re-install our regular computer. Thanks to the old keyboard here, I was able to write and send my Newswithviews column today. And among the many reasons why getting the old hoss back is a very good thing, I’m just about ready to type and submit another set of chapters of The Temptation.

What will Lord Chutt find as he digs up the ruins of Old Obann? Will Lord Orth come back, or will he venture farther into the East to preach to the Heathen? And will Gurun’s brothers finally make it to Lintum Forest, where their sister is?

To those of you who are new to this blog, I hope you’ll soon make acquaintance with my books. All nine of them (so far: more will come) are available for your examination. Just click “Books” and you’ll get the covers, featuring Kirk DouPonce’s glorious artwork, and sample chapters. Or you can look them up on amazon.com and read the Customer Reviews. If this sounds like a commercial, that’s only because it is. But you can’t blame a writer for wanting readers!

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