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So Much for That

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Well, it turns out I have a Firefox problem, no trouble-shooting techniques worked, the WordPress engineer can’t fix it from his end, so now I’ll have to switch over to Chrome, where my page still appears to be normal. Until the gremlins find it.

I’m supposed to be taking down our Christmas tree, ha, ha. Ever notice how time passes two or three times as fast, when you’re lost in the computer maze?

At least the laptop still works. For now. Until the gremlins find it.

Has the Far Left Crazy found a way to put a hex on me?

What Have They Done to Me?

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I wake up this morning and find everything on this computer changed. Microsoft has officially ceased to support Windows 7. It took me ten years to learn what little I know on Windows 7.

So here I am on WordPress and the whole appearance of it, every page of it, has been changed to this ugly, stripped-down look and I don’t know what to do about it. Probably they’ve arranged it so you can never, ever, get it back the way it was. Sort of the way Democrats tear down and pave over woodlands, so that after a while the places you grew up with seem like you only dreamed them.

Well, let me see if I can find a hymn for you…

The Monster is Coming for Me

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It has taken me ten years to develop my nearly undetectable abilities with Windows 7. But now Microsoft, just because they can, is stopping all support for Windows 7. So if you keep it, you’ll get no updates, etc., and pretty soon you’ll be out of the saga.

Therefore we, like so many others, will be forced against our will to convert to Windows 10 (or to something even more exotic). You remember Windows 10–the system that they couldn’t even give away for free. I am sure that means it’s a truly wretched product. Can you imagine a car manufacturer getting away with this?

If this blog disappears early next year, it will be because Windows 10 has crashed through my door and eaten me alive. Oh, Patty says “Don’t worry, you’ll learn”–uh-huh: only do I really have another 20 years to devote to that? Alice says, “You’ll get used to it.” She ought to know me better than that. That’d be great if they turned out to be right and my fears proved mostly unjustified. [Laughs maniacally]

Well, let’s all enjoy it while we’ve got it. Maybe Byron the Quokka can learn Windows 10. Maybe I won’t go extinct. Here’s hoping.


‘A Truly Ridiculous Computer Problem’ (2014)

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As if getting struck by lightning weren’t bad enough, once upon a time my computer had a time-travel scare.


The thing about Artificial Intelligence is, it’s not intelligence at all; it’s just a mindless simulation of intelligence. So unless the human programmer equips the machine with the knowledge that there’s no such thing as time-travel–you’d have to do it that way, because you can’t equip it with common sense–it will react to the appearance of time-travel as if it were real.

Which is just what this computer did, five years ago.

Missing! My Newswithviews Column

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I knock myself out, writing those Newswithviews columns every week, and it’s extremely frustrating when the column goes missing.

You can get to the NWV home page, but you can’t open my column. Don’t ask me why not: the message I get is sheer gibberish to me, might as well be in cuneiform. I asked Susan to try to open it on her computer, and the same thing happened. So at least I know it’s not because my computer is broken.

I will check from time to time to see if my column ever sees the light of day. Then I can post it here, as I usually do first thing Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, everybody, please let me know if you spot hide or hair of it. Like, anywhere.

So Far, So Good

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This morning I’ve pasted in three images and a video, which I wasn’t able to do yesterday. I got Oy, Rodney out of the way while I thought there was a chance of being able to paste an image. But, voila! I have pasted another one.

I have no idea why these things have been happening. Has the problem simply gone away, as mysteriously as it came?

Well, don’t just stand there! Let’s have a few hymn requests while the computer’s actually working. Who knows how long it’ll last?

It’s Happening Again

Yo! What’s with all the videos, all of a sudden? What’s it all about, Leester?

After a promising start to my blogging day, suddenly I’m blocked, again, from pasting still images. No one seems to be able to tell me why this is happening. The raspberry in the video is for me. I have appealed for help to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” who first taught me how to add images and videos to my posts. If he doesn’t know what to do, no one does.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s put computers in charge of our missile defense system!

Does that deserve another raspberry?

I Give Up

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It all started with an innocent impulse to share a song which has long pleased me–thus opening the door to hours of hair-tearing frustration. First the videos wouldn’t work, then the still pictures, then it worked a little, then it stopped working… If my computer were a human employee, I’d fire him. Or worse.

After supper I will try to post a cat video, using the cumbersome, many-extra-steps, really hard to remember method WordPress taught me this afternoon. I would absolutely hate it if I couldn’t post hymns in the morning anymore, pictures and videos throughout the day, and amusing animal videos in the early evening.

I was supposed to write a book review today, but three hours plus in this particular labyrinth has made that impossible.

Does the Video Work?

Now I have to try to post videos in a very roundabout way. I am trying to publish this crazy hamster video. Even today, it makes me laugh. The good Lord knows I need it!

It’s Killing Me Today

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This job is killing me today. Nothing works. I’ve spent three hours sitting here, trying to make it work. I dassn’t check my blood pressure.

The way things are going, I’d have to be crazy to write anything but a very brief post just now. So consider this an experiment, just trying to find out if it’s going to work. If it does, I can proceed to Joe Collidge. Fingers crossed…

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