Not-So-Cuddly Kitties

Some of these people are really asking for it, provoking their cats as they do; and they get it, too. Reminds me of a friend of mine who had a not very friendly iguana. He taunted the great big lizard one day by sticking his tongue out at it, up close and personal–and got it practically bitten off, to the great amusement of his audience.

Don’t mess with cats. It doesn’t pay.

6 comments on “Not-So-Cuddly Kitties

  1. The cat clinging to the doorway for dear life was hilarious! Wherever they were taking her, she didn’t want to go. And apparently, the cat won! 🙂

    1. Mine hollers all the way to the vet, but is calm on the way home. This in spite of being in a carrier and unable to see outside the interior of my pickup.

    2. Ai-yah! Put Robbie in the carrier–presuming you can catch her–and its yow-yow-yow all the way to the vet’s, 15 solid minutes of it. Nowhere near as bad, coming back.

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