Dog Rejects TV Stardom

Please don’t tell me Rin Tin Tin or Lassie ever acted up like this. I thought border collies had more smarts. Our family’s border collie, Pepper, could just about read and write.

So here’s a border collie who sees himself on TV, and instead of donning sunglasses, smoking fancy cigarettes, hiring an agent, and calling everybody “dahling,” he just… well, barks. Doesn’t like to watch himself on television.

Alas, the gift of celebrity is sometimes wasted on those who make no use of it!

4 comments on “Dog Rejects TV Stardom

  1. Maybe the poor dog had an issue with depth perception – although he seemed to know the television screen was there. I’d say the dog’s humans were risking a broken TV. Don’t you sometimes wonder about people who tease their animal family members?

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