If You Believe This…

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As President Trump tries to clean up another mess left by President *Batteries Not Included, libs and RINOs are hootin’ and howlin’ in pain.

The president has decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, on the grounds that it was blatantly unconstitutional in the first place. But thanks to the usual antics of the nooze media, persons whose parents came into the country illegally are now clad in the romantic euphemism, “Dreamers,” and the Paul Ryan Fake Republicans who loudly objected at the time now want to keep the program going, like, forever.

Most of the “Dreamers” are “children” aged 18 to 36.

Hollywood to the rescue! Here comes that silly old bat, Cher (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cher-offers-dreamers-sanctuary/) with a devastating Tweet (tweeting is only bad if Trump does it; if a Democrat does it, it’s proof of genius):

“Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them!! I’m Ready 2 Do This & OTHERS IN MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME!! SANCTUARY”

It’s the kind of prose that just rolls off the page, ain’t it?

If even one “Dreamer” winds up in even one of Cher’s mansions as anything but hired help, I will be convinced that I’m having a hallucination.

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  1. You honestly think 800,000 people are going to just board a plane and head back to where-ever voluntarily… or even IF there were enough federal/state authorities to round ’em all up at gunpoint? If push ever came to shove, these folks will just go underground… and Americans, like Cher (and I am no great lover of Hollywood political thought), will assist them.

    I realize you’re one of those right wingers who love to make up little witty name-calling terms out of real terms to label people not conforming to your dogma.. but maybe you might be better served channeling some of that to more constructive discussion. Or.. given your biography suggesting you are a former literary professional.. all this is just schtick to feed the ignorant masses and you’re really smarter than you lead on?

    1. The only one calling names here is you–“ignorant masses” and “former literary professional.” I get it–everybody who’s not a leftid is just plain ignorant, they need your crowd to lead them.

    2. I actually thought I was acknowledging your bio-past, having been a literary person. But consider this, sir… why are we spending time at all sniping in here when we might discuss things of substance? Now, I fully realize it’s the same as a pissing match or spouting literary testosterone just to display one-upmanship in being able to use English. If that’s important to you.. then this is your blog and I bow to that criteria… and I can move on if I choose.
      But the fact you’ve not shut me out of here suggests there’s a glimmer of tolerance for some reason.

    3. As someone who currently earns his living exclusively by writing, with 9 novels published in recent years and another on the way, I take issue with the adjective “former.”

      I also object to characterizing most of the people in this country as “ignorant masses” simply because they reject liberalism and its self-proclaimed messiahs.

      If you want to talk what to do about illegal immigration, fine. Most libs refuse to recognize that there’s anything illegal about it, and Democrat leaders have shown contempt and disregard for the country’s immigration laws. That’s a big reason why Donald Trump is now our president. And you may remember that GW Bush’s political capital vanished virtually overnight when he pushed for “immigration reform” that most of us saw as a weasel word for amnesty.

      I don’t believe anybody’s talking about herding 800,000 people onto planes at gunpoint. That’s a straw man argument. But most of us who aren’t part of the D.C. swamp don’t want to see lawlessness rewarded, and we resent being told, as if we were idiots, that 18 to 36-year-olds are “children.”

      We see no reason why America shouldn’t want to preserve her borders, her culture, and her national security. Every other country does. You can’t just ponce into Mexico from Guatemala and get free stuff from the government. America has a right, as does every other nation, to decide who can legally immigrate here and who can’t. We are far more lenient about it than most other states–way too lenient, if you ask me.

      Some of those “Dreamers” have been here for years and years without making any effort to become citizens.

      Those who “protect” them are in open violation of our immigration laws and ought to be severely punished. Where is it written that Democrat cities don’t have to comply with federal law?

      As for my tolerance–well, this isn’t a liberal blog, we recognize that people have opinions that differ from ours, and as long as you’re not blaspheming, dropping f-bombs, abusing me or any of the other readers, I choose not to silence you–even if I strongly disagree with you.

    4. Ah.. then we can agree we both have egos to feed. 🙂

      Look… amazingly we are not totally dissimilar. Likely you’ve taken a gander at my one blog and dismissed it as typical liberal dribble. Yes.. I find Trump himself so totally unqualified for the position.. and that has nothing to do with liberalism.. at least in my case. That’s more about my academics and management and entrepreneurial past, and knowing people… and far less about any sort of “loving big government” or “dismantling the Second Amendment”.

      If you wish to engage a bit then do your due diligence and if what I’ve posted on my blog goes way beyond being squeaky fingernails on a blackboard to you then just ignore. You’ll find I’m not one who hurls colorful cursory diatribes because I’m pushed into some political corner. Up until the last election I considered myself a liberal conservative. Both parties are a gawd-awful disorganized mess so I have no idea where things fall now.

      For what it’s worth, most of my posts also include an audio of the post, if you find that of any advantage. I’ve been toying with the idea of including an alternate audio opinion.. maybe expanding to one of the formal podcast sites. Anyway.. for now it’s a hobby for me.

      So, some of what you just replied needs discussion, but not necessarily a long-winded debate. You wanna go there in this post? I’d likely reference each paragraph you wrote.

    1. I wasn’t accusing you of that. Sometimes when I have done replies on posts on some sites.. the post comment feature sends it to the blog’s spam folder. Been thinking the problem is more on my end. Still assessing.
      Anyway, re-posted and all seems fine.

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