Cat Hunts Deadly… Socks

All right, you think a sock is just a sock. The cat in this video would disagree with you. A loose sock on the floor, in his view, is on a par with a copperhead loose in the house. He must hunt it–but very, very carefully!

Note the reactions of the other two cats, who are wondering what’s up with this guy.

5 comments on “Cat Hunts Deadly… Socks

  1. That’s pretty funny. The other two cats weren’t bothered in the slightest by the socks, but that first cat was certain that it was dangerous. I can
    t help but wonder just what it is they see, or think that they see.

    1. What cracked me up was that he realized the first sock was not a threat, then as he walked away he spotted another sock, and the show probably started anew at that point.

  2. Cats are curious creatures, for sure. This poor kitty was curiously cautious, while the other two were so nonchalant, which made the whole thing even funnier!

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