Blaming God

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So whose fault is it if an ordained minister of the gospel gets sentenced to a jail term for distributing child pornography?

God’s fault.

Father So-and-So said he collected and distributed kiddie porn to get “revenge” on God ( See, he lost a lot of money playing online poker because God had it in for him and wouldn’t let him win. So God kind of drove him into getting involved with the most debased pornography available.

The judge wasn’t buying it; but you do wonder if this addled priest, in his own mind, had succeeded in justifying himself at God’s expense.

Was this guy teaching Christianity to anyone? Preaching it? Trying to explain it? Yeesh.

Where did he get his ideas? Did he cook them up himself, or is this what he learned from another kook in the seminary? “Well, confound it, Lord! I prayed to you to make me win at poker–to take someone else’s money, see, and give it to me–and blow me down if you didn’t pay the slightest attention! Okay, you asked for it, Lord…”

They say there’s no quality control in house churches.

Well, where was this guy’s quality control?

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  1. What a sick and deprived weakling to say such a thing. Collecting child porn is a depraved act, period. To a decent adult, the thought of children in any sexual context is repulsive and unwelcome. Any adult that has sexual feelings for children has a serious problem and no psychologically healthy adult would be entertained or sexually stimulated by viewing pornography that includes children.

    Blaming God for his gambling losses is certainly a selfish and self-centered way to view things. If God were influencing the out come of his gambling, who’s to say that he wasn’t helping the other guy? That’s not to suggest that God is in any way involved in the outcome of gambling. Gambling comes down to a tax on being pooor at math. The odd dollar spent on a lottery ticket may be relatively harmless, but for many people gambling is an irresistible temptation and becomes quite harmful.

    I’ve watched people in convenience stores buying lottery tickets in a frenzy. I’ve seen people whose manner of dress suggested poverty, buy lottery tickets, bolt to their clunker of a car and scratch those tickets feverishly, then bolt back inside to buy another round. I’m certain that online gambling is just as addictive.

    So it would appear that this priest had too serious problems, at the very least, and now he’s blaming his Creator. Bring him here and I’ll call him a weakling to his very face. Wanna gamble? That’s your responsibility and there’s no one to blame but yourself if you lose your money. Wanna molest children? Well that is a very serious crime and a long prison sentence is called for, at the very least.

  2. First, the idea of this guy wanting God to give him someone else’s money is ludicrous. He’s probably already using other people’s money – the parishioners who put their money into the collection plate. And this is a guy who also wants bestowed upon him the title ‘father’? Hmmm. Didn’t Jesus instruct His followers to call no man father? We have but one Father and He abides in Heaven.

    What a crackpot! And a pervert, to boot!

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