Do You Really Own What You Think You Own?

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A couple of Michigan farmers, a man and wife, Catholics,  got relief from a federal judge last week when he issued an injunction against the town of East Lansing for banning them from the local farmers’ market (

And why were they banned from the market? You probably won’t need three tries to guess the reason.

Somebody asked them if they could hold a same-sex pseudo-wedding on their farm, and when the farmers said no, the commissars in East Lansing swung into action. By now I trust everybody understands that “diversity” is lib-talk for uniformity of opinion, rigorously enforced.

So they banned them from the farmers’ market, and these farmers lost three and a half months of business there before the judge stepped in.

If you don’t obey the Far Left, they will destroy your livelihood. They’d do more than that, if they could–but Hillary isn’t president.

Question: If you can’t decide what can or can’t be done on your own private property–is it truly your property? If the government can make you host activities that are profoundly offensive to your religious beliefs–well, then, whose property is it: yours or the government’s? Today you have to allow a “gay wedding” on your farm. Maybe tomorrow they’ll force you to hold the reception in your living room. Your bedroom might be up for grabs, too, a little ways down the road.

We can do our country no finer service than to defy Big Sodomy, and its sponsors in the government, at every opportunity. In God’s name, defy and disobey. Defy and disobey.

P.S.–I lived in East Lansing for a little while, after college. In 1972 it was a leftist basket case. Apparently it hasn’t changed much.


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  1. Rev 13:7 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Take it to the bank, this is where it starts.

  2. There is no true land ownership in this country anywhere that I am aware of. All property is subject to local land and building codes (if anyone ever bothers to do that.. thus risking discovery and fines later). But the important thing to all this is that no one truly owns their own land.. mineral rights are not part of ownership… codes prohibit owners from turning their places into unsightly garbage dumps (“unsightly” being relative).. and the government always holds imminent domain over property you own.

    This whacked thing with the farmers.. what surprises me is why did it take 3.5 months before a judge stepped in? I am assuming the judge ruled in their favor. Did the farmers wait before getting lawyers? Seems this should have been fixed well before 3.5 months given the time sensitivity. Do the farmers then sue to recoup their losses from local “government”?

    That’s the rest-of-the-story you forgot there, Mr. Lee. Why center only on the political divisiveness aspects?

    1. “Divisiveness”–that’s rich. A couple of lawyers on a bench redefine fundamental societal, moral, and religious standards, little tin-pot commissars try to force us to act against our consciences… and we’re called “divisive.”

      I don’t know why it took the farmers 3.5 months to get an injunction. Our courts sometimes move too slowly.

      Nor do I know, if actions like the East Lansing town council’s are allowed to stand, what argument you can possibly use to stop them from holding their “wedding” reception in your living room if that’s what they demand.

      Some people are mighty comfy with the way things are now; but they won’t be, when those things change.

  3. And let’s not forget about the BLM and EPA. Should your property contain within its boundaries a stream or a lake or a ‘protected’ snail or insect, they will swoop in, declare it ‘wetlands and forbid your using your own land for any purpose whatsoever. In reality, they wish to steal your land. This nation has become the guardian of absurdity.

    1. A piece of property across the street from Aunt Joan’s house was declared Wetlands because it had mud puddles when it rained. Meanwhile, real wetlands were annihilated by corrupt politicians and amoral developers.

    1. There are legitimate purposes of government, for which taxes are legitimately called for and ought to be paid.

      Overturning basic human social institutions is not one of them.

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