‘To God Be the Glory’ (Embrace the Wildness)

We do like to do things decently and in good order, as St. Paul admonished the church in Corinth. But at the same time, our Christian faith contains a note of wildness which shouldn’t be ignored. Our faith often runs head-on against the wisdom of this world. It’s supposed to do that!

So I like this wild rendition of To God Be the Glory by the choir of The Church of God, with the congregation also putting their hearts into it.

And really–if you can’t get worked up about God Almighty… well, you probably ought to think about that.

2 comments on “‘To God Be the Glory’ (Embrace the Wildness)

  1. I agree. The relationship with our Creator is far beyond anything else we
    should consider. The best this world has to offer is only a pale reflection

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