Coming Up: I Review ‘The Case for Christ’

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First I have to loosen up my brain with a bike-ride, and then I’ll review this very good movie for you.

I feel a kinship with this film because I once spent an hour and a half interviewing its subject, Lee Strobel, about his book, The Case for Creation. When I reached him by phone, he was on his way out to go skiing, but said he could give me 15 minutes. But once we got to talking, it was hard to stop. My review of that book is floating around somewhere in the archives at .

So yesterday we watched The Case for Christ, it was well worth waiting for, and I took notes as we watched. so I’m just about ready to write the review. See you just a little later!

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  1. The name Lee Strobel is very familiar to me, but for the life of me, I cannot
    remember in what connection. There are a lot of people from the past
    who are familiar, but now forgotten. Fun, getting old!!

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