Why Cats Have Nine Lives

Why do cats have nine lives?

After watching this video, the answer will be crystal-clear to you: because they need ’em!

Really, seeing how some of these maneuvers essayed by cats turn out, you might wonder if nine lives is enough.

5 comments on “Why Cats Have Nine Lives

  1. Cats are incurably curious and acrobatic. The one thing that puzzles me is why the humans that belong to these cats seem to think it funny when the cats fall. Whether or not the cat is injured is immaterial. Why on earth do they find it funny?! I’m quite serious. I just don’t see the humor. I found myself saying awww, ‘poor kitty’ most of the time. Humans can be really strange. Just like rubberneckers at accident scenes – they’d rather film it than help. Maybe it’s just me. I’m not poking at you, Lee. Just the idiots laughing.

    1. I thought the point of the video was that cats do sometimes make great errors in judgment. They have to learn a lot through experience. You know I try to stay away from videos in which the cat has been set up to fail.

    2. Of course I know that, Lee. My comment in no way was directed at you or the video. And cats do make errors in judgment, but I just don’t get the people laughing and filming.

  2. My first cat was named Justice and was run over by a car. My second cat was named Freedom and was run over by a car – and I live on a very quiet, low-trafficked street. I’m sorry to say, I guess they didn’t have nine lives.

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