Win Fabulous Prizes in Our Comment Contest!

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We have less than a thousand to go to reach Comment No. 20,000 on this blog, so that means it’s time for another comment contest. Whoever posts No. 20,000 will win something mind-bogglingly fantastic… if my negotiations with Fabulous Treasure Inc. don’t fall through. Win your own foreign country to rule as absolute monarch! Or a huge chest full of gold coins and uncut rubies! Or your portrait painted by Peter Paul Rubens!

Otherwise, an autographed copy of one of my books.

The contest is open to all, and any and all comments qualify, with the following exceptions: comments abusive to me or to any other reader; any use of the f-bomb; blasphemy; commercials thinly disguised as comments, that somehow get past the spam filter; comments simply too inane to bother with. Other than that, anything goes.

I expect it will take up all of October to get to No. 20,000, but let’s just see.

6 comments on “Win Fabulous Prizes in Our Comment Contest!

  1. Whee, what fun! I actually won a prize after I’d been here only a few weeks. I chose the book, of course. Let’s set our priorities, after all…. 🙂

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