Cat vs. Human: A Contest of Wills

Human wants the bottle on the shelf. Cat doesn’t. Cat has in mind Gen. Grant’s famous saying, “I intend to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.” Human has also heard this saying.

I’m glad my cats don’t do this. I would be very much put out if they did.

3 comments on “Cat vs. Human: A Contest of Wills

  1. Whenever I see there’s a contest of wills between a cat and humans, my money is on the cat. 🙂 I loved the part where the cat looked around nonchalantly as though he (she?) were tired of the game and then … POW.

  2. That cat knew exactly what it was doing. When the guy said “leave it” the cat stopped, for a few seconds, then decided it was time to yank the human’s chain again. 🙂

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