Malawi Gripped in Vampire Panic

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So you still believe all cultures are equal?

Well, try this on: the poor people of Malawi, a country in southern Africa, are so scared of vampires now, they’ve killed nine suspected vampires and police have arrested at least 140 wannabe vampire killers ( No kidding.

You’d think the authorities would, um, kind of clue people in that vampires don’t exist. Instead, the president of the country said, “My government will offer protection from these alleged bloodsuckers.” If you’ve gotta be protected from ’em, that means they exist–right?

This would be very funny if it weren’t true. Actually, it’s not funny at all. At least one suspected “vampire” was burned alive by a panic-stricken mob, and another was stoned to death. And as the country gets more and more out of control, a wave of ordinary crime has followed.

A lot of our leaders in the, ahem, civilized world promise to protect us from things that do not, in fact, exist: Man-Made Climbit Change, pumpkin spice latte racism, etc.

How scared do they want to make people–people who have already been dumbed down and stripped of brainpower by our public education system? How scared do they want us to be?

Think about it.


13 comments on “Malawi Gripped in Vampire Panic

  1. Holy smokes! Ignorance and superstition are roaring back into the mainstream. I had thought that vampire and zombie shows were hackneyed cliches from the fifties or earlier, but now they are mainstream, even in advanced nations.

    These things certainly suit the goals of the wicked one.

  2. You also don’t want the misfortune of being born an albino in Africa. It’s not pretty what they do to them.

  3. They want people in full-out panic mode. That way, the people will seem to
    need them for “protection.”

  4. The more big government tries to solve problems, the bigger the problems get which requires more big government solutions. Ronald Reagan said, “Gov’t is not the solution to our problems – gov’t is the problem.”

    1. How about that! We just saw that story on TV a couple of days ago, on a show called “Lore.”
      Check the archives here for a post on modern witch doctors casting spells over the Internet.

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