Lord, Give Me Strength…

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It’s like everywhere I turn, there’s a waiting room with my name on it. Eye doctor. Blood pressure doctor. Vet. Run to the nursing home. Run to the pharmacy.

And now it’s gonna be the dentist, too.

As I was eating breakfast today, one of the expensive and formidably time-consuming crowns fell off one of my molars. This will entail several trips to the dentist and many hours in the waiting room, exposed to daytime TV.

I don’t know how I’m ever going to finish my book. I really don’t.

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  1. Daytime TV and all the germs harbored in public places. What a bummer! Sorry, Lee. But who knows, maybe you’ll wind up with an inspiration for your book in the process 🙂

    Trying to catch up on all the emails I’ve been putting into a side folder is going to be monumental – and it sure won’t be in any big hurry.

    You’re in my prayers, kind sir – intestinal fortitude may be necessary 🙂

    1. I find it telling that virtually everywhere you go these days, there is a TV in the waiting room. Are adults so conditioned to continuous blather that they can’t sit quietly in a waiting room without something to entertain them?

      My Toyota came with free maintenance for the first 100,000 miles, or some such rot, and I found myself in the waiting room occasionally, while they drug a simple oil change into a three-hour ordeal. They had CNN blasting away in the waiting room at all times. Fortunately, there was a quiet area, a room without blaring propaganda and inane chatter by “newswomen”, most of whom seem to have been hired for their appearance and not their insightful commentary.

      I live without TV and have done so most of my life. There is a negative effect, I can hardly stand to be in the presence of one of the damned things and when I visit family, I find myself escaping to the out of doors because of the chatter.

  2. When I had to find a new dentist some years ago, one of the primary things I shopped for was a waiting room with no TV. There’s still some piped-in music, not all of it to my taste, but at least I don’t get the inane talkathons. As for my physician, I’m trapped in a network, but at least I can usually find a spot in the very large waiting room where I can neither see nor hear the TV — and the TV programming itself usually seems to be of the “how-to” and documentary variety. Auto repair, however — it’s hopeless.

    1. I wish they wouldn’t show soap operas. I can’t decide which is worse in soap operas, the writing or the acting. Both could be better done by persons selected at random out of a supermarket checkout line.

    2. The shows I dislike the most are those home fixup shows where young couples take on horrendous debt for a rundown home, then take on even more debt renovating it.

    3. Amen! Home prices, in many places, are nothing but fiction and speculation these days. There are people carrying unrealistic levels of debt for homes purchased at hugely inflated prices. When the bubble burst it won’t be pretty. In the meantime, these home fixup shows lend the impression that this is just business as usual.

  3. One of my favorite prayers is to say “In God’s time, and in God’s way. It works great in the prayer closet, but causes doubts when that oversized pickup truck wanting to turn left when the light turns green has pulled so far up to the intersection that I can’t see properly so I can make a right turn safely.

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