Waiting for the Climax

(P.S.–Welcome back, Linda: first good news of the day.)

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I’ve been working very hard on The Temptation, racing against the calendar to try to finish it before the weather grows too cold to work outside anymore and I have to somehow write indoors where the phone always rings.

I have this odd sense, now, of drawing toward the climax at a high rate of speed but having no idea of what that climax will turn out to be. My experience has been that God will give it to me in a flash when I’m not expecting it. It’s really cool when that happens, although it tries my nerve to wait for it. Maybe it’s a test of faith.

Now that another big chunk of my time is to be taken away from me and given to the dentist, I suppose I ought to try to work on Sunday. I’d rather not. Some rest would be nice. Ah, well… Guide me, O Lord. Please.


4 comments on “Waiting for the Climax

  1. Thank you, Lee. It’s good to be back (although I’m squinting somewhat). Sometimes, Father tosses a little curve ball at us, and for various reasons. Maybe He’s slowing you down a bit. Quite possibly, He will give you more of your book while you sit in the waiting room. Prayers go with you.

  2. If it’s anything like music, the notion of how to finish it will dawn on you as if from nowhere. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve struggled to arrange a song for guitar, then suddenly, as if a light bulb illuminated above my head, I knew exactly what to do and ended up with a great arrangement.

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