Dogs & Cats & Birds–Oh, Boy!

Who knew dogs could get up to so much mischief? Other than anyone who’s ever lived with one. See how patient the cats are. See the cockatoo and the chicken bug the dogs. Y’know, I wish this video was longer!

4 comments on “Dogs & Cats & Birds–Oh, Boy!

  1. What cuties! 🙂 My favorites are the ring bearer and the squirrel chaser, but they’re all cute as can be!

  2. Some great clips there. The cockatoo moving the dogs will go down as a favorite.

    For the first 1:57 of the clip, the music was some splendid Gypsy Swing. Django Reinhardt has been gone a long time, but the music he all but invented lives on to this day.

  3. Reminds me of our larger male bunny we had before our privacy fence was put up. He would just stand serenely in the backyard while the Jack Terrier on the other side of the wire fence would bark and bark at him, run around in circles, and have conniption fits – so funny to watch.

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