Lib Scream-a-Thon Set for Nov. 8

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Disgruntled Democrats and other leftids are trying to assemble thousands of their fellow idiots in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as president, to “scream helplessly at the sky.” (

This, according to one of the scream-a-thon’s organizers, is because President Trump “has attacked everything about what it means to be an American.” You know, those good old American standbys–Mom, apple pie, coming here illegally and getting lots of free stuff, having your sex organs chopped off so you can say you’re something else, abortion, and all the rest of that Democrat paradise.

You’ve got to hand it to them, though. Brilliant idea! Scream their way into your heart. One look at them, and you’ll instantly realize what a hideous error you made in not voting for Hillary–and more than once, if you could swing it–and how awful it is that she isn’t our nation’s leader.

And no, I didn’t make it up. They’re quite serious.

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  1. Screaming helplessly into the air is how I solve all of life’s problems these days. 🙂 The Far Left is going out of their way to prove to any interested onlooker that they have lost touch with reality. Hillary is playing the victim card and escalating her rhetoric. The Dems are now attacking the Electoral College, apparently they think we’d all be better off if all national elections were decided in the northeast.

    The history of the Civil War era has shocking similarities to our day. The claims of the Democrats were every bit as outrageous as the claims being made today. The war happened because the north, and what developed into the Republican Party, opposed the expansion of slavery into Kansas and Nebraska. Lincoln felt that slavery had to be eliminated, but he also felt that it would take time to accomplish.

    Lincoln was swept into office as the Democrats fractured into factions and basically ran two presidential candidates; one with appeal in the North and the other with appeal in the South. They were every bit as offended by the existence of Lincoln back then as they are by the existence of Trump in our day. Their argument was that freeing blacks would enslave whites.

    Tragically, a truly horrid war ensued and fully 20% of the Union soldiers died. There were losses of over 20,000 men in one day of fighting on more than one occasion. Being struck by a mini-ball meant death or the loss of a limb in most cases. For decades after the war, there were maimed veterans in many places, lives forever changed in the fight to preserve the Union and subsequently bring an end to slavery. Throughout all of this, the Democrats were unrelenting in their generation of misinformation and in working to further divide the nation.

    Keep in mind, also, that the program of Reconstruction was succeeding and helping freed slaves into the mainstream of American society, until the Democrats found a way to turn it into a bargaining chip so that they could force the Republicans to end the program.

    So nothing has changed, nothing is new under the Sun. Screaming meaningless phrases has worked for the Left in the past, and they aren’t about to give up on it until we are all slaves . . . of them.

  2. Isn’t this the way infants think (to use the word “think” loosely), i.e., that their screams will magically change the world around them and bring them what they want? — or, rather, bring them some sort of happiness even though they can’t pinpoint what they do want?

    1. This certainly meshes with my casual observation that the behavior of adults is becoming ever more juvenile. Apparently, these days, it’s becoming infantile.

  3. I’m glad you put a disclaimer at the end, Lee, or else this could easily be construed as one of your spoof jobs. If the Scream-In really takes place, it will be great fuel for exposing Dims for who they are, brainless. With the latest Obama/Hillary Uranium One scandal beginning to see the light of day, who is going to support Dim candidates in 2018? – only those with cotton in their ears (which would serve them better if it was in their mouth).

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