Church Decides to Dishonor George Washington

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The Church of This World, once attended by President George Washington, who helped found it, has decided to remove a plaque honoring the father of our country ( The plaque has been there since 1870 and now, suddenly, it’s a problem.

Actually it’s called Christ Church, but I believe in truth in advertising. A church that bows and sways to worldly politics, and rejects its own past in order to curry favor with whoever happens to be top dog today, does not deserve to be called by Christ’s name. Let them be called after the prince of this world, from whom they receive their reward.

Why did they have to get rid of Washington’s plaque? Let them tell it: “The plaque in our sanctuary makes some in our presence feel unsafe and unwelcome.

Unsafe? Like, George Washington’s gonna jump out from under the pew and drag them off in chains? What bunk. What miserable, pathetic, this-worldly bunk.

As usual, the liberal churches are right in line with those who wish to erase Christianity from America.

These leftids who smear our country’s founders and hate our history, who would shred the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, who worship no god but themselves, which is just how Satan wants it–what would they put in America’s place? We see what they want to take away. What would they put in its place?

God grant that we never have to find out.

May the Lord rebuke them–but good.

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  1. Glenn Beck did a pretty good serial on the Founding Fathers and slavery. If I recall correctly, Washington could have freed his slaves, but they had intermarried with another slave holders estate, and in doing so he would be breaking up families which he did not want to do. He did however free his slaves after his death, and apparently he was so well loved by them they they took care of his grave site long after his death. As for this “church”, the only ones who would get offended by this are liberal snowflakes.

    1. Archeologists examining Mount Vernon a few years ago discovered that Washington’s slaves had guns and fishing equipment.

      Getting all worked up about slavery that ended 150 years ago is mere Democrat race-baiting–from the party that defended slavery, supported the KKK, and established Jim Crow.

  2. What happens, I wonder, when they have destroyed every bit of our history, stepped on everything that made this country great, even made it
    possible, and then looking at what is left, …what do they do with it? Reminds me of a bunch of rowdy teen and pre-teen kids who destroy all of the school equipment, then whine about having nothing to do.

    1. I don’t think they think that far ahead Erlene. The thing is that if you don’t love your country, you don’t care what happens to it. But they forgot they have to live here too. If they think something better will replace it, they are in for a rude awakening. The America they want wont care about free speech, and it certainly wont tolerate dissidents. That includes them. The useful idiots are always the first to go.

    2. Saddam Hussein did the same thing when he got into power, he purged his own party. One thing that marked Communism in the Soviet Union was constant internal revolutions. Once the primary enemies were taken care of, they turned inward and started eating their own. It was a constant bloodbath.

    3. Oh! then, having discredited and demolished everything that made it America, they will be free to install a workers’ paradise… with themselves in charge of it.

  3. In two of Jesus’ seven letters to the churches, He called those who said they were Jews but were not, “the synagogue of Satan.” How’s that for hate speech. That’s what this so-called “Christ Church” has become, a church of Satan.

    In the French Revolution, they would eliminate those leading the movement, and then those who replaced them would be next to me removed by the guillotine, on and on until Napoleon took over.

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