Now It’s a Racist Robot

You’d think if your daughter’s school notified you that the kid missed her first period class, the thing that would concern you most would be, “Where was she, then?” But you’ll need to be sharper than that if you want to get in on the race racket.

So it seems a girl named “Nicarri”–no, I won’t say anything–was the subject of a school’s robo-call to her mother, advising her that her daughter hadn’t been in class where she was supposed to be. Only the robot pronounced the name wrong–fancy that–and turned it into… a racial slur (!

Maybe the robot needs to be in sensitivity training.

My kid cut class? Didn’t even register. But race! Well, there’s gold in them thar hills!

No mention of what daddy thinks of it all. Intact families are just another form of racism. Or something like that.

Hint to the racial grievance industry: When everything is racist, then nothing is racist.

4 comments on “Now It’s a Racist Robot

  1. It is to laugh. What is more stupid, assigning a robot to a human task or being offended that a robot mispronounces a name. Like you said, there’s,gold in them thar hills.

  2. Robo-Calls? We get them all the time at our house but the robot never speaks, just silence. I immediately hit *61# to block the number, but there is always a new Robo-Call number to take its place. Paradise? – a day when not one Robo-Call gets through to our house.

  3. Notice that the mother has had calls about her daughter before — and not just once. So what has she done about her daughter’s misbehavior in order NOT to keep getting calls from school about the daughter?

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