Yesterday’s News: Antifa Riots Fizzle Out

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What if they gave a riot and nobody came?

That’s sort of what happened to yesterday’s Antifa “Refuse Fascism” event, which was supposed to be “organizing millions of people of drive out the fascist Trump/Pence regime” ( .

Just to interpose a question: What would happen if these idiots really could organize nationwide riots that really would drive an elected government out of office? Wouldn’t that mean, like, the end of stability, no more peaceful transition from one presidency to another, whoever fields the biggest riot gets to rule the country?

But like so many other Democrat enterprises, the “Refuse Fascism” bomb turned out to be a dud. The biggest turnout was in Los Angeles, where they have nothing better to do–some 2,000 ninnies. In liberal stronghold Seattle they had more signs than protesters.

Those were nice signs they left strewn around the sidewalk because there was no one to carry them. Who printed them? And who paid for the print job? They took out a full-page ad in The New York Times. Who paid for that?

We  cannot doubt that these people, if they could, would overthrow the government and put an end to our republic. Thing is, they can’t. They want to, but they can’t.

Let’s repent and get back to being right with God, before they can.

6 comments on “Yesterday’s News: Antifa Riots Fizzle Out

  1. I thought it a bit strange, too. Was it a fake threat?
    Another strange thing is that your blog articles are appearing in a different portion of my inbox now. The were coming in to the social area, now, they are in primary. Doesn’t bother me, but it is odd.

  2. If true journalism was alive we could know who is funding these fascists. Can’t wait until the Big Scream this week. It will probably like a big lion making the sound of a kitten.

    1. Thousands and thousands of liberals screaming helplessly at the sky… It sounds like victory.

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