Prayer Request for Ray: Correction

Yesterday we were all excited because my brother-in-law was back to writing stories–something we thought he’d never be able to attempt again. I told his wife that if he were able to finish one, I’d publish it for him here.

Well, last night she emailed us again to say that what he was writing “made no sense” and that he only “thought” he was writing a story, and she was happy because that thought made him happy. Oh, well.

Nevertheless, I believe that God is able even now to restore this man’s mind to him, and I ask you all to continue in your prayers for him. No one is ever beyond the reach of God’s mercy.

O Lord Our God, have mercy on this man: our hope is in you, and not the wisdom of this world. Even now, Father, you can heal him. Whether or not our God sees fit to save us from any of the tribulations of this world, He is able to save us. We ask you in Jesus’ name, O God, to heal Ray: and let the glory of it be to you, Our Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.

4 comments on “Prayer Request for Ray: Correction

  1. Continuing prayers here, too. And thanks to God that at least Ray found a touch of happiness, even if not in the way we’d hoped.

  2. Amen to your prayer, which is so similar to the one I prayed for him this morning. . He is in my prayer journal, and I will keep praying.

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