Update: Australia’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Vote

(Thanks to my chess buddy, WannaBe, for this news update)

Well, Australia has had its “gay marriage” vote, but no one will know how it turned out until Nov. 15 (http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/10/when-do-the-australia-gay-marriage-vote-results-come-out-and-what-will-happen-then-7069381/). That’s because the news will not be released until the bureau of statistics has fully tabulated the vote.

Imagine trying to do that in America–hold a national election, then ask the people to wait all that time before they know how it came out. I didn’t know Australians were so patient.

Probably–I only say probably–the result of the popular vote will determine how the legislature votes. Here we would call it a non-binding referendum–and if it went against the “gays,” Big Sodomy would simply go judge-shopping until they found a Democrat judge to impose it on the nation. But we weren’t given the opportunity to vote on this.

We can only pray that in the end, Australia’s voters decided to stand up against this plague of social re-engineering that has swept through virtually all the Western world.

As Isaiah warned us long ago, you can always make a covenant with death and sign a treaty with Hell; but those covenants will never stand. (Isaiah 28:15-16)

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