Update: Australia’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Vote

(Thanks to my chess buddy, WannaBe, for this news update)

Well, Australia has had its “gay marriage” vote, but no one will know how it turned out until Nov. 15 (http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/10/when-do-the-australia-gay-marriage-vote-results-come-out-and-what-will-happen-then-7069381/). That’s because the news will not be released until the bureau of statistics has fully tabulated the vote.

Imagine trying to do that in America–hold a national election, then ask the people to wait all that time before they know how it came out. I didn’t know Australians were so patient.

Probably–I only say probably–the result of the popular vote will determine how the legislature votes. Here we would call it a non-binding referendum–and if it went against the “gays,” Big Sodomy would simply go judge-shopping until they found a Democrat judge to impose it on the nation. But we weren’t given the opportunity to vote on this.

We can only pray that in the end, Australia’s voters decided to stand up against this plague of social re-engineering that has swept through virtually all the Western world.

As Isaiah warned us long ago, you can always make a covenant with death and sign a treaty with Hell; but those covenants will never stand. (Isaiah 28:15-16)

Too Dirty for Adults, but Fine for Kids?

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As Australia nears a vote on whether to impose same-sex pseudomarriage on herself, the Australian media are working overtime to keep the “No” vote’s message from the people.

So another “No” ad has been banned from Aussie TV, only allowed to be shown late at night. Why? Because the content is so, well, provoking. And “explicit.”

And where does the content come from?

Word for word from the “Safe Schools”–never trust liberals saying anything is “safe”–sexuality education program (http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/no-campaigns-tv-ad-deemed-too-explicit-banned-from-airing-until-late-at-night/news-story/584eb7c6918b91603b927b214dec6895). For instance, this: “It’s a total lie–” really?–” that all boys have ****s and all girls have vaginas.”

Adults aren’t allowed to hear that until after their bedtimes; but kids hear it every day in school, whether they want to or not.

When I substituted in a public high school some years ago, the only class I was never called upon to teach was “sex education.” If that teacher was absent, one of the vice principals had to baby-sit the class: no outsiders allowed. The textbooks were not allowed to leave the classroom. That was to keep parents from seeing what their kids were being taught.

Believe me, Australia: if you vote “Yes” for this abomination, you’ll be very, very sorry. And it’ll be way too late for sorry.

Now They Vandalize Churches

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Looking to find some middle ground with the “gay marriage” crowd? You might as well search for the Fountain of Youth.

This is Waverly Baptist Church in Wheelers Hill, Australia, vandalized in the night by advocates of “love is love,” etc. I don’t think the message is just an idle thought.

This is, when you get down to business, a religious war. Are we to worship God and obey His word–or worship an idol we have created with our own hands, and be ruled by it? For “gay rights” and all the rest of it is an idol, man-made, a cover for sinful man exalting himself as righteous god.

In a couple of weeks we’ll see whether the voters of Australia can summon up enough decency to preserve marriage in the form in which God ordained it, or will allow themselves to be bullied and hornswoggled into giving it up.

If it was America, of course, pseudomarriage would be soundly voted down by the people and then imposed on them by a couple of judges.

Meanwhile, Back in Australia…

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Well, as far as my book goes, I’m dead in the water until the IT guy can come and hopefully rescue my chapters.

Meanwhile, the nooze media in Australia show they’re as far out on the Left as our own noozies in America.

Next month they’re going to vote in Australia on whether to impose “gay marriage” on themselves–and guess which side the impartial journalists are on, big-time. The Yes Vote looked like it had clear sailing, but got carried away with the usual leftid name-calling, threats, and bullying, and put a lot of people off, enabling the No Vote to make up lost ground.

An ad produced by three “mums” opposed to the whole enterprise quite reasonably argued, “Our kids are not your social experiment”–referring, of course, to the radically pro-homosexual “sex education” that will be the rule in every school, once same-sex pseudomarriage comes in. This has happened here, in Britain, in Canada, and in several other countries.

But the noozies report it as “a bizarre new video” by the No Mums “stating their case against marriage equality” (http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/our-kids-are-not-your-social-experiment-the-no-vote-mums-are-back/news-story/01d756c68b08e149b27110056bdcd69c)–loaded language, and how! Well, this is what happens when leftids get to define the terms of the discussion. “Marriage equality”–that label stinks. And of course ordinary family life would seem “bizarre” to any leftid noozies, who can only think in terms of abortion, homosexuality, and “gender reassignment.” For them, that’s the normal stuff. To them, regular people are “bizarre.”

No Western country yet has been able to defeat the cultural Marxist “gay rights” Trojan horse. They’ve all permitted it to be wheeled through the gates.

Join Poland in prayer, everyone.

We need it.

Update, Australia: A Very Convoluted Double Standard

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Australia’s going to vote on whether to poison itself with “gay marriage,” and, as always seems to happen, the power elite have hopped aboard the Sodomy Express and are now doing everything in their power to make sure the vote goes “Yes.”

Again, as always happens, the “Yes” side musters a powerful argument consisting of abuse, threats, name-calling, and sometimes violence: very powerful rhetorical tools.

So when the “No” side made an ad featuring some of the dirt the Yessies have been throwing at them, that ad was banned from Australian TV…”due to its contents”! (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/09/30/-no–ad-banned-from-afl-air-time.html)

Let’s see if we can unpack this, um, reasoning. It’s okay for the Yessies to spout abuse and threats–like, it’s for a good cause? is that it?–but it would be hateful or something to let the public see and hear what the Yessies are doing. Calling someone a “homophobic maggot” and saying “I hope someone kicks your teeth in” is just fine, but reporting such comments is like, y’know, beyond the pale.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.

The fun will really start when they have to decide who gets to rule the rubble that used to be Western civilization: radical Islam, Organized Sodomy, or the sleazy leftid politicians who used the other two to get themselves more power. My money’s on the jihadis to pitch their competitors off the roots of tall buildings.

Unless the Lord Our God first intervenes.

Libs Play to Coerce the Vote for ‘Gay Marriage’ in Australia

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In November Australians will vote on whether or not to inflict “gay marriage” on their country.

As always, because it’s in their DNA and they can’t change it, leftids are resorting to every dirty trick they know to get their way. They simply must have “gay marriage” and woe to anyone who stands in their way!

And so, as they always do, they’ve been personally attacking anyone who seems likely to vote “No” on pseudo-marriage. People have been fired from their jobs. Leftids got up a petition to revoke a doctor’s medical license–and also made death threats against her–for her stand for real marriage. A former prime minister was physically assaulted by a “Yes” voter.

Other Yessies are content merely to cancel lifelong friendships (http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/09/19/09/17/im-losing-friends-over-the-same-sex-postal-vote). They do this because they genuinely cannot conceive of anyone having an opinion other than theirs. This is a trait of leftids everywhere. Well, hey, I admit I can’t relate to their wicked and absurd opinions.

What I want to know is: why? Why are they so fanatical in their devotion to this parody of marriage? Why are they willing to tear down the country to get it? And if you suggest it’s because their whole enterprise is satanic in its origin, I think you’re right.

And as soon as they do get “gay marriage,” they’ll be demanding something else–“trans” bathrooms, legalizing pedophilia, whatever the next card in the deck is. The demands will never stop. The Left will never be appeased.

It must be conquered.