Memory Lane: Toy Horses

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See that beautiful palomino horse, rearing up on his hind legs? It was a popular toy in the 1950s, and I still have mine, and it’s still beautiful. They came in two different poses and several colors. In fact, I still have half a dozen of them. Each one came with a cowboy, a rather fragile saddle (that’s the green thing, and I’m afraid none of my saddles have survived), even more fragile reins and bridles, and a very tiny hat for the cowboy’s head. I still have one of the cowboys, but no hats.

My animal box that my father made for me is full of plastic horses of all different shapes and sizes. Like a lot of kids of that era, I was horse-crazy. On rainy days, indoors, or sunny days in the sandbox, I trotted out my horses and put them through adventures. What with all the westerns on TV at the time, that wasn’t hard to do. And the hours drifted by so pleasantly.

Castles made of my mother’s books, looming fortresses of sand–my horses had their work cut out for them. But those stories I made up for them always came out all right in the end. Soon I left off making up western stories and had my horses interacting with lions, elephants, and dinosaurs.

I wish I could line them up and take a picture for you. If you’re my age, you might spot some dear old friends among the crowd.

8 comments on “Memory Lane: Toy Horses

  1. these are super toys. I bought some for my sons and they loved them.
    You can still find them in some of the second hand and thrift stores.

    1. I’d love to have a look. My white and silver horses have gone missing. Still have a lot of black ones, and that one palomino. Plus a cowboy.

  2. Speaking of prized possessions, Christmas came early this year at my house. In the mailbox I found the book “Beneath The Cellar” personally autographed by Lee Duigon! Now I am wondering if the mystery of what is under the wading pool in “Oy Rodney” was inspired by this book. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but brag about my good fortune.

  3. My brother had some of those same toys! I remember the fun he had building forts – much like you describe – and making up adventures. In those days we developed imaginations and actually went outside to play. What great memories.

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