We Love Cats in Boxes

There’s something about cats grooving on cardboard boxes that just brings a smile to my lips, unless they’re doing it in my living room and turning the cardboard into confetti. For that I don’t smile.

Really–when the cat dives into the box and slides across the floor, doesn’t it make you want to fling out your arms and yell, “Saaaaafe!”?

6 comments on “We Love Cats in Boxes

  1. They must have a very strong instinct for being concealed, ‘cause they’ll put forth a lot of effort in that direction. Sometimes I think they’re just goofing around. 🙂

  2. It’s hilarious how they always try to fit into the smallest boxes – and somehow usually succeed! (never mind the parts that invariably hang over the edges) 🙂

    1. They can be hilarious, trying to fit into boxes that would have been a squeeze when they were half grown. Like I said above, sometimes I think they are just goofing around.

    2. Not at all, they are humoring us. I’m at my job, slaving the day away while my cat is doing whatever she feels like in a home I pay for. Cats are in charge. 🙂

    3. Cats have imaginations and a sense of humor. They are perfectly capable of goofing around–either a sign of great intelligence, or an indication that someone works for the government.

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