Australia’s Down

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Australia’s “postal plebescite” has cleared the path for same-sex pseudomarriage in that country, the Bureau of Statistics announced yesterday (, with a “yes” vote of 61.6%. I wonder if anyone would have noticed if the vote had been 66.6%.

Once Parliament seals the deal, the next thing that will happen will be “gays” hunting down small business owners who don’t want to participate in “gay weddings” because of their religious beliefs. The government will destroy these businesses. And wait’ll Australians see what happens to their free speech rights. Well, we warned you.

I don’t understand why persons who are not homosexuals so enthusiastically support “gay marriage.” I suspect their reasons are profoundly foolish and shallow.

There’s nothing more to say–except, perhaps, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

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3 responses to “Australia’s Down

  • Linda Sorci

    They surely will regret this decision. Apparently, they didn’t pay close enough attention to what happened here. And as for the ‘straight’ people who gush over the homosexuals, well, it could be it helps them feel self-righteous, misplaced though it is.


  • Watchman

    “I don’t understand why persons who are not homosexuals so enthusiastically support “gay marriage.” ”

    Good question Lee, what do they get out of it? As a matter of fact what does society get out of it? It cannot contribute anything because it doesn’t produce anything.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Straights who enthusiastically embrace gays think they are more righteous than God Himself. The devil deceives the nations, and that includes the individuals who make it up. Time to refresh our spiritual armor and stay engaged in the battle knowing the winning of the war goes to the redeemed.


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